AnalyticsHow Workforce Optimization Puts Supervisors in the Driver’s Seat to Achieve Omnichannel Excellence

An important outcome of the increasing demand for omnichannel engagement is contact centers’ push to replace fragmented customer interactions with a seamless customer journey. The rising acknowledgment that agent experience (AX) is a vital contributor to customer experience (CX) is expediting the adoption of modern contact center platforms that can seamlessly improve CX and AX. With the right tools, the agent can offer superior customer service and drive customer loyalty.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest eBook, Omnichannel Customer Engagement Has Changed—Has Your Contact Center Platform Evolved With It?, discusses the challenges and benefits of creating an omnichannel customer experience. It explores the technologies that organizations need to invest in to drive exceptional customer and agent experiences and proactively achieve compliance targets.

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“Unification is key to omnichannel excellence and involves integration with the core applications that drive contact center operations. These include customer relationship management (CRM), knowledge bases, and workforce optimization (WFO), and then layering on the right agent tools and automation to supercharge customer interactions,” observed Nancy Jamison, ICT Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan. “Delivering on the promise of omnichannel also entails using the right business information (BI) tools that can uncover the most salient and impactful information at the right time to enhance operations and agent performance.”

“LiveVox, with its next-generation contact center platform, provides seamless, omnichannel communication across the organization. The foundation is our purpose-built CRM that creates one actionable customer view, leveraging customer profiles and robust interaction history,” noted Louis Summe, CEO at LiveVox Holdings, Inc. “Its seamless integration extends to contact center management as well, with a complete WFO suite offering speech analytics, eLearning, quality and performance management, performance analytics, and robust workforce management capabilities—all leveraging our foundational and unified underlying data model.”

With LiveVox, contact centers can enrich agent-customer interactions by:

  • Utilizing a purpose-built contact center platform for better control over the conversation and customer journey.
  • Deploying the right tools to unify data generated across channels and applying advanced analytics to create a continuous improvement cycle, thereby producing actionable business and operational insights.
  • Leveraging AI Virtual Agents that provide customers more of the self-service options they desire while also improving agent productivity and morale.
  • Being data-driven and customer-centric, placing customer information and interaction history at the core of customer engagement.
  • Accessing a 360-degree visualization of agent performance across channels and operations to maintain omnichannel excellence.


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