InsightsHave you jumped on the GenAI bandwagon yet?

Generative AI (GenAI) is currently making waves in the B2B marketing domain. However, most marketers are still in the experimentation phase as they try to figure out the best ways to make use of the technology.

AI is nothing new in marketing as it’s been extensively used to personalize messages and identify buyer personas. The real jazz around GenAI is its potential to revolutionize the way marketers engage with prospects, pushing the implementation of strategies into more futuristic territory.

Hype or the real deal for B2B marketers

What’s making the technology stand out is its capacity to not only create content on the go but also to syndicate it to relevant channels. And that’s not all. GenAI is expected to disrupt conventional go-to market strategies with real-time decision-making and simultaneous engagement with prospects via different media.

A survey by Mckinsey found that at least a fifth of current sales functions could be automated. The scope is even greater in the marketing field, providing several opportunities for GenAI to be implemented.

Being at a nascent stage, the uptake among B2B leaders is still on the lower side, with most marketers using the tool to assist in daily tasks such as drafting messages and transcribing audio clips.

As of now, the statistics support the optimism surrounding the technology. Research reveals that companies are seeing a revenue rise of up to 15% post-investment in GenAI with a corresponding uptick in sales ROI of 20%.

A Content Mill

The capabilities it offers in content generation are truly astounding, as marketers can now create anything from articles to blogs and white papers to case studies in a jiffy. What’s more, you can also ramp up the scale and tone to suit your audience.

LinkedIn itself is buying into GenAI in a big way with an automated copywriter for quick ad suggestions. Another innovation is a direct messaging tool to share posts and content such as videos and ads.

Personalized Email

And not just in producing content, GenAI is also assisting marketers to respond to the user’s web activity according to intent data. This means if your prospect has clicked on a product on your website but is now browsing your competitor’s website, the technology can send out emails to keep the prospect interested in your offerings.

This may include highlighting the product’s features with call-to-actions that resonate with the user’s previous browsing history.

Engaging Chatbots

While the previous versions of chatbots and virtual assistants sounded mechanical in their approach, the newer ones are much more engaging. The current versions are proving to be more efficient in answering queries and asking intelligent questions to collect prospect information.

Social Media Optimization

To keep the conversation going, AI-powered tools can come up with social media posts according to the context. But what personalizes the GenAI experience is deciding upon the right moment, the right profile and the right discussion thread for optimal engagement.

Your Ideal Customer Profile

Defining your ideal buyer persona requires crawling massive amounts of data and crunching numbers from different sets. GenAI’s algorithms make use of data parsing and machine learning capacity to represent your ideal account.

The tool also lets you match firmographics for detailed profiling of your leads. More than 60% of business leaders believe GenAI is likely to have a significant impact on lead identification.

Analytics and Decision-making

Automated and data-driven decision-making at different levels in the funnel has long been a demand of marketers. GenAI may just make it a reality by helping B2B marketers forecast trends, predict behavior and explore opportunities. This includes monitoring competitors and gleaning insights into different approaches to ensure your own strategies stay relevant.

GenAI is still at an evolving stage. Lisa Gately, principal analyst at Forrester, warns that any content derived from GenAI-driven tools needs to be reviewed for accuracy, bias and lack of representation.

To delve deeper into the world of GenAI and explore its applications in B2B marketing, you can refer to the in-depth insights provided in the whitepaper titled ‘Developers’ Guide to Building AI Applications’ available at TechPapersWorld. This resource offers a comprehensive understanding of GenAI’s potential and its implications for your marketing strategies. Additionally, it addresses concerns about confidentiality and security, emphasizing the need for a human moderator, especially in situations where safeguarding brand value and reputation is of paramount importance.

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