Artificial IntelligenceGML and ERM Partner to Develop Life-Ready AI Kit for Education

GrAI Matter Labs (GML), a pioneer of brain-inspired computing solutions, announced today that it has entered a partnership with ERM Automatismes (ERM), a French market leader for didactic solutions in technological and professional training for 30 years, to create a ROS2-based robotics education kit.

The Life-Ready AI Kit for Education combines robotics with brain-inspired AI as the key ingredient for Industry 4.0. The kit is comprised of a robot arm with a 2D/3D camera for visual perception, and a GML GrAI VIP platform integrated with an ADLINK I-Pi SMARC module. The ERM curriculum includes modules for grasping, regression, classification and more. It was developed with teachers from the French academy, universities, and a community of AI specialists to offer a very practical and easy to use model for teachers and students.

GML and ERM will showcase the education kit at the SIDO Fair in Lyon starting on 22nd of September. This unique kit, using GML’s “Life-Ready AI” chip, GrAI VIP will demonstrate a real-life application of classifying agricultural products on a conveyor belt.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with ERM to teach our new generation of engineers cutting edge AI technologies. The students will learn to apply energy efficient machine-learning algorithms in an industrial context and help to kickstart a Life-Ready AI ecosystem which helps to save time, money and vital natural resources for Industry 4.0,” said Christian Verbrugge, GML Europe – Senior Director Business Development.

Cyril Liotard, CEO of ERM, is excited about the partnership, saying “with GrAI Matter Labs, we are expanding our existing portfolio with Life-Ready AI technology. GML offers a one-of-a-kind brain-inspired computing architecture that has never been seen before in education; that is why we are thrilled to collaborate with GML, and academia to achieve this goal together.”


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