Blockchain TechnologyFlash News: OKX Wallet Now Integrated with XION, a User-First Layer 1 Blockchain

OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, has issued updates for April 25, 2024.

OKX Wallet Now Integrated with XION, a User-First  Layer 1 Blockchain

OKX Wallet has now been integrated with XION, a Layer 1 blockchain purpose built for consumer adoption.

XION’s Generalized Abstraction simplifies Web3, removing unfamiliar technical complexities so non-crypto natives can leverage the full potential of blockchain applications. XION’s Meta Accounts enable intuitive user experiences traditional in Web2, which include diverse authentication methods, key rotation, account recovery, cross-device usage, and more. This is a significant step forward in bringing the power of blockchain to everyday users.

With this integration, OKX Wallet users can now access XION by downloading the OKX Wallet web extension available on Chrome and Firefox, creating or adding an existing OKX Wallet, and connecting it to XION via the web extension.


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