Artificial IntelligenceElevatus Leads Video Interviewing Transformation with Advanced AI Technology

Elevatus, the provider of the most comprehensive AI solutions, is enabling companies worldwide to conduct quality interviews and attract top talent with its advanced video interviewing technology. Part of Elevatus’ ongoing mission is to help companies find, develop and hire great applicants by leveraging the latest in AI technology. And today, the tech provider is exceeding industry standards and gaining huge traction with its smart, secure and intuitive video interviewing software, that is helping companies worldwide build talented and skillful workforces.

Elevatus’ video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS, has crowd-favorite features that are incredibly helping clients make accurate decisions through data-driven insights. Amongst these features, are the scientifically validated Five Factor Model reports that offer deeper insights into the applicants’ personality traits, learning and communication style, performance in sales, programming aptitude, and the way they deal with customers. With these reports, companies can seamlessly mitigate hiring bias, and enrich their candidate insights with the use of AI and modern science.

What makes Elevatus’ AI technology unique, is that it’s highly intuitive, comprehensive, and currently unmatched in the world. For instance, clients can instantly spot top talent 90% faster with Elevatus’ advanced model answer feature. With this feature, clients can use their model answer as a point of reference when assessing pre-recorded video interviews. A relevancy percentage will then be generated for each answer submitted by the applicant. This relevancy percentage dictates how close and relevant the applicant’s answers are to the model answer. As a result, this feature can exponentially help clients save over 90% of their time, filter out correct answers with ease, eliminate guesswork, and make more accurate hiring decisions.

Numerous in-depth case studies were conducted on Elevatus’ notable clients and have shown that by harnessing the power of  EVA-SSESS, they were able to achieve an 89% reduction in time-to-hire, a 96% decrease in hiring and assessment costs, and a 70% improvement in applicant experience. In addition, it also helped them hire applicants 10x faster and increase their ROI by an incredible 130%. For example, Omantel, the leading and main provider of integrated telecommunication solutions in Oman, assessed over 2,300 applicants in one week only with EVA-SSESS. Omantel was successfully able to roll out a video assessment and evaluate thousands of applicants remotely, for an internship program tailored specifically to Generation Z. As a result, Omantel lucratively boosted their ROI by 3X and managed to speed up the assessment process by a massive 83%.

“Our team of industry-leading experts designed a powerful video interviewing software that is localized and empowers companies to further democratize their hiring process to hire the best talent,” shared Yara Burgan, the CEO and founder of Elevatus. “It’s also integrated with world-class technology providers which enables them to build, run, and scale their hiring workflows all in one place. The impact of remote hiring made it clearer to us of how critical it is that we all invest in video interviewing software – and we’re excited to help companies build better hiring journeys with our AI technology.”

Elevatus’ AI video interviewing technology is bound to change the scope of recruitment and the future of HR, with its long and established track record of delivering matured, secure, and science-led AI technology. Elevatus’ commitment to transforming and intertwining the use of AI and videos in hiring is ongoing. And the video interviewing software is part of the company’s broad effort to continually fine-tune its hiring and assessment process with regularly scheduled product updates throughout the year.


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