AnalyticsEdge Delta Grows 65% MoM to End FY22

On January 31, Edge Delta closed FY22 – its first fiscal year – growing revenue at a pace of 65% month-over-month since adding Go-To-Market (GTM) leadership. Edge Delta set out to push observability to the source – eliminating the technical and financial constraints that centralized observability platforms place on DevOps, SRE, and Security teams. As a result of this approach, enterprises and users in over 50 countries have been able to analyze larger volumes of observability data, drastically reduce costs, and enable faster MTTR without the manual toil of traditional platforms.

Observability is a constantly growing space, with a total addressable market of $37B. Before Edge Delta, there had not been a sustainable solution to deal with massively growing log volumes, in wake of the rise of cloud, containers, and microservices. Edge Delta is solving this problem head-on by automatically pre-processing raw logs, deriving statistical insights, and enriching data in real-time – streaming the analytics to organizations’ other downstream systems.

The company was founded by Ozan Unlu and Fatih Yildiz who serve as CEO and CTO respectively. Unlu previously served as Tech Lead, Dev Lead and PM at Microsoft, working on Server, Azure, and Security teams. He was also a tenured Senior Solutions Architect at Sumo Logic, acting as a trusted advisor to more than 250 companies. Yildiz previously led engineering efforts at petabyte scales within Twitter’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) and performance teams.

In May, Edge Delta raised $15M in series A funding from Menlo Ventures, led by Tim Tully, former CTO of Splunk, as well as full participation from investors MaC Venture Capital and Amity Ventures. Recently, with GTM efforts led by Nicholas CoffeeRandy BoysenKarl Evans, and Conrad de Claro, the rapid growth of Edge Delta is a testament to the vision and passion to enable data-driven businesses:

  • 44% month-over-month growth in concurrent active deployments amongst customer environments
  • 69% month-over-month growth in data analyzed with the platform per day
  • 3X team growth in company headcount, primarily in engineering, sales, and operations.
  • All ramped salespeople achieved 200%+ of their annual revenue targets.


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