Artificial IntelligenceDigital Transformation Services Such as Moviebook Are Playing an Important Role According to Latest CB Insights Report

Moviebook, a leading AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and service provider, has launched its self-developed Automatic Digital Twin (ADT) engine, which is boosting China’s industrial digitalization together with tools of other players, as reflected in a recently published report on the digital development of China’s industries by global market research company CB Insights China.

Building on reliable global technology markets data, the report explores new paths to the digital transformation of industries in China in the post-pandemic era. The report dissects China’s industrial digitalization, technological innovation, and leading digital transformation services as well as their solutions, and offers insights into the future trends of China’s digital economy.

According to the report, infrastructure such as AI, cloud computing and big data has become the cornerstone of digital transformation. Many quality providers of digital transformation services, including Moviebook and iFlytek, have sprung up in a myriad of technical fields. Such providers are playing a significant role in industrial digitalization by empowering traditional industries to fast-track digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a complex process that requires integration between technologies and business scenarios. The report elaborates on cases of digital transformation and upgrading in fields such as governance, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. Retail, as the industry closest to consumers, is particularly special. During the pandemic, retailers have faced severe supply chain and inventory challenges. The whole industry relies on technologies more than ever and retailers have realized that technologies will play a pivotal role in future development.

Moviebook’s Automatic Digital Twin (ADT) engine, powered by AI and digital twin technologies, can reproduce physical products in the digital world through quick modeling of products, scene recognition, interactive entertainment, etc. The engine bridges the gap between physical and online stores and enables a seamless transition from offline to online. The adoption of the ADT Engine will not only expedite the digitalization of products, but also help upgrade online stores and optimize product management. Additionally, it assists retailers in bolstering existing business scenarios and constructing new business models. The ADT Engine is fast becoming the infrastructure for digital commerce.

As emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, Internet of Things, blockchain and big data continue to advance, these technologies are being applied to an increasing number of industries and scenarios, delivering immense benefits which find expression in market expansion and higher market value. It should also be noted that digital transformation involves changes throughout all links of an industry, from research & development and production to supply chain, sales and service. To support such a transition, providers of digital transformation services must improve their capacity to collaboratively innovate and yield insights so as to ensure sustainable development and lead the way forward.


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