Artificial IntelligenceDeepening commitment to AI recruitment in China, HiredScore announces strategic partnership with Tupu

HiredScore, the leading provider of ethical, compliant Talent Intelligence solutions for global Fortune 500 organizations, officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tupu, a leading technology and content provider of all-in-one recruitment solutions in China. As leaders in talent acquisition and recruitment technology, HiredScore and Tupu support many of the largest and most innovative organizations in the US, China, and beyond.

This strategic partnership, which brings to market a deep, native integration between their SaaS solutions, will enable mutual clients to gain instant benefits from more efficient candidate sourcing, fair and intelligent candidate screening, as well as improved employer branding capabilities. Additionally, these partnered solutions will optimize and augment recruiting processes to be more efficient while improving candidate and recruiter experiences. The partnership will also expand HiredScore’s access to talent and recruitment insights within the Asia market.

“The Tupu team is thrilled about our long-term strategic partnership with HiredScore,” said Brian Wu, CEO of Tupu Technology. “This partnership provides a critical opportunity to upgrade traditionally inefficient recruitment models with deeply integrated talent acquisition and talent matching technology in the China market. HiredScore is a partner that is deeply committed to this market and to building products that are truly localized and built to support the needs of Talent Acquisition teams in China.”

Given the popularity of jobs at big companies, large enterprises attract 100,000s of candidates and reject over 98% of the people who apply, leading to large volumes of talent who never get invited for future roles or hear from the company again. Rediscovering talent requires time-consuming, manual processes which are both inefficient, slow, and lead to most companies falling short of their promise to get back to people in the future with relevant jobs. The long-term strategic partnership between HiredScore and Tupu will modernize this traditionally inefficient recruitment process, delivering AI-driven talent acquisition.

“HiredScore is committed to delivering industry-leading, localized recruiting innovation to support companies worldwide with hiring efficiency and fairness,” said Athena Karp, HiredScore’s CEO and Founder. “China is a very important local market where we have invested heavily to bring our hiring solutions and support local demand. We are especially excited to announce our next-generation, intelligent recruitment solutions for China. Our close collaboration with Tupu, a fellow leading recruitment technology solution and the first local ATS, enables our joint users to gain the benefits of AI-enabled, fully localized-for-China recruitment solutions to hire faster, improve the quality of hire, and reduce recruiter processes and costs.”

Today, Tupu integrates recruitment channels onto one platform where requisitions can be synchronized and posted to job boards automatically. Here, clients’ employer branding is promoted and continuously managed on the Wechat platform (with over 1.2 billion monthly active users) and talent relationships are maintained automatically to activate prior candidate data. Through this partnership, HiredScore’s AI technology will instantly screen and match candidates with unprecedented accuracy while maintaining compliance. By analyzing and comparing the large number of resumes delivered from various channels, recruiters can easily identify prioritized candidates for further processing. Talent insights are further supported by big data analysis, continuously improving recruitment efficiency and data visibility.

China is one of the largest and fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. The partnership between HiredScore and Tupu will deeply integrate talent acquisition technology with talent matching technology, promoting the combination of intelligent recruitment tools and talent pool activation tools. This partnership is a major step towards enabling enterprises across industries to overcome the talent management challenges of today and the future with efficiency and innovation.


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