Artificial IntelligenceDatatron Introduces New Features to MLOps and AI Governance Solution

Datatron announced today enhancements to its MLOps and AI governance solution, making it even easier for enterprises to catalog, operationalize, monitor and govern AI/ML models.

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With Datatron, customers experience 15 to 20 times more effectiveness in model deployment, bringing substantial business gains and productivity improvements. Datatron also eliminates the complexity and expense associated with constant iteration and management of many AI models at one time.

Key enhancements to the Datatron Reliable AI™ platform include:

  • ML Gateways: ML Gateways provide centralization and orchestration of models and data in complex, multi-tenant environments. It’s designed to support a growing number of use cases, helping enterprises overcome challenges, including compliance, differing model technologies, and AI ownership across subsidiaries, partners, and internal data science teams
  • Customer-defined KPIs: This enables enterprises to define their own formulas for continuous analysis of statistics and measures, set thresholds for warning and alert conditions, and include KPIs in the central governance dashboard
  • Explainability with confidence: This unique innovation is a departure from many theoretical exercises by others. Datatron builds in a confidence score that is used against explainability, helping customers understand what data was relevant in the results and the level of trust one can place in those results
  • Native Jupyter support:  Supports direct import of Jupyter notebooks by data scientists to silently run alongside current models to get faster validation of fit, making all the governance metrics available before the model goes live
  • Rapid setup and deployment:  A new five-step guided process allows customers to run a selected model in production as APIs for real-time inferencing or scheduled batches in less than 10 minutes

Zack Fragoso, manager, data science and AI, Domino’s, said: “At Domino’s, we understood very early on that for our AI initiatives to be successful, it was important to bridge the skill sets gap between the different data scientist teams and IT organizations. Not only does Datatron’s platform make this possible, but it also enables us to implement strong MLOps to rapidly operationalize our machine learning models.”

Harish Doddi, CEO, Datatron, said: “Despite all the readily available open source MLOps frameworks, building your own MLOps infrastructure from scratch is no trivial task. Constant iteration and management of many AI models can be incredibly complex and expensive. That’s why we’re dedicated to making it even easier than ever for enterprises to operationalize, monitor and govern a large number of AI models.”


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