Artificial IntelligenceDarktrace Signs Multi-Million-Dollar Deal With Global Leader In Automotive Technology And Electronics

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, today announced that one of Europe’s largest automotive technology and electronics companies has selected Darktrace’s Cyber AI technology.

Following a competitive assessment of solutions in the cyber security marketplace, the company decided to adopt Darktrace’s detect, investigate and respond products, including its ‘autonomous response’ product Darktrace Antigena, and its Industrial Immune System technology, which covers Operational Technology environments. The AI technology, which will help protect well over 50,000 devices from a range of digital threats, will be deployed across countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Global technology companies are increasingly relying on Darktrace’s Cyber AI to defend themselves in this new era of pervasive and sophisticated cyber-threats, given its unique ability to identify novel threats, and contain them autonomously, across the digital estate. Darktrace AI stops ransomware on average within one second, and stops an attack somewhere in the world every minute.

Earlier this year, one of the largest technology companies in the world signed a multi-million-dollar upsell that saw the deployment of Darktrace AI expanded to cover the email systems of tens of thousands of employees.

“The technology and electronics sectors are significant targets for sophisticated attackers today, whether their motivation is financial gain, IP theft or operational disruption,” said Poppy Gustafsson OBE, CEO of Darktrace. “I am delighted to welcome more market leaders to the Darktrace customer community, as we continue to use the power of Cyber AI to counter novel, aggressive cyber-threats, across the entire digital enterprise – from Operational Technologies through to our email inboxes.”

Darktrace AI stops a threat somewhere every second.


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