AnalyticsConcord Medical Is Shortlisted for the “5G+Healthcare” Pilot Project

Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited (“Concord Medical” or the “Company”) (NYSE: CCM), a healthcare provider specializing in cancer care, research and prevention by operating a network of medically advanced comprehensive cancer hospitals and standalone radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging centers in China, today announced that two projects of it, Jiahe Cloud Imaging Remote Medical Information Diagnosis Platform (“Jiahe Cloud“) and Jiahe Feiyun Intelligent Radiotherapy Cloud Service Platform (“Jiahe Feiyun”), were successfully shortlisted by the “5G+Healthcare” pilot project, which is launched by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Jiahe Cloud provides digitized solutions, with remote diagnosis as the core service, for medical institutions. The platform consists of six modules: reginal imaging remote diagnosis, bilateral referral, remote clinical consultation, remote training, cloud filming and report, and remote ECG/ pathology/ ultrasound diagnosis.

Jiahe Feiyun is one of the six shortlisted radiotherapy projects of the “5G+Healthcare” pilot project. It is a comprehensive service platform that provides a variety of services including radiotherapy process management, target area delineation, clinical cooperation among doctors, remote quality control, multidisciplinary treatment, remote training, big data analysis, etc.


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