NetworkingCockapoo Launches Community-driven Projects to Speed up and Incentivize Dog Waste Removal

Cockapoo ($CPOO), a Miami-based Crypto Company is all set to introduce its unique utility token to initiate real-life applications and create a dog-centric ecosystem, aimed to help eliminate dog waste and make the world a cleaner place. The team behind Cockapoo wishes to make contributions to the environment. They have taken up the cause of cleaning parks and streets, making them more enjoyable environments for dogs and their owners. Cockapoo has planned to introduce a mobile application, which will allow users to send P2P payments for dog waste disposal and other dog-related freelance activities, this step would directly fuel their mission of promoting and incentivizing proper dog waste disposal and bringing awareness to the environmental impacts of undisposed dog waste.

Dog waste is a significant issue that contributes to numerous diseases and bacteria, contaminating the air and water in surrounding areas. Research has shown that dog poop is the third-highest contributing factor in bacteria found in contaminated water and contributes to almost 30% of rising bacteria found in watersheds. According to studies, 57 million pounds of dog waste are generated daily, contributing to over 10.6 million tons of waste annually. To put this into perspective, that’s enough waste to fill 250 thousand semi-trucks, which if placed in a single file line, would span 3,800 miles. Considering that only an estimated 40% of dog owners clean up after their furry companions, we can see that over 4 million tons of poop can go uncleaned each year in America alone.

According to the EPA, 100 dogs could collectively generate enough bacteria, nitrogen, and phosphorus to close an entire bay, making swimming and shellfishing inaccessible within a 20-mile radius. Since most of the dog waste is left unscooped and owners aren’t able to clean after their dog’s bathroom breaks every time, this problem is more real than one might think. Cockapoo plans to alleviate these issues through their mobile application, which will allow users to crowdfund for park cleanup efforts and collect rewards for picking up previously undisposed waste. Their mobile application will also enable P2P payments for other dog-related freelance activities, such as dog-walking, sitting, training, and more. By bringing awareness to the issues of undisposed dog poop, coupled with the features in their mobile application, Cockapoo hopes to increase waste disposal by 1%; which would save over 40,000 tons of dog poop from the environment each year in America alone.

Cockapoo is serious about tackling the environmental issues of undisposed dog waste, and the various ecological problems that come with it. In addition to their mobile application, they also plan to benefit dog communities through charitable contributions to parks. Cockapoo’s first contribution is planned for Bayfront Park in Miami, FL. The dog-centric approach makes it stand out in the altcoin space, and as the platform’s executives like to say it- Cockapoo is “pooping” on the other projects. Gathering from its community-driven, value-infused service, it is establishing itself as a distinct meme coin. It is here to stay for a long time while expanding the boundaries of the Altcoin Industry.


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