AnalyticsCareBand Launches COVID-19 People Safety Solutions

COVID-19 has proven that public health organizations and government institutions need a new approach when managing pandemics. The interconnected nature of the modern world poses difficulties for traditional methods of disease management and control.

In response to these challenges, Chicago-based company CareBand is introducing a new line of wearable population health solutions, called SafeTrack, to help you get back to work, school, and the new normal.

“CareBand started with a desire to help people with dementia and Alzheimer’s stay safe and out of the hospital. With the onset of COVID-19, we have expanded our packaged solutions to general population health management and pandemic response,” said Adam Sobol, CareBand CEO.

3 Solutions for Public Health Management
CareBand’s SafeTrack wearable devices and enterprise software solutions are versatile and can be used by a wide range of organizations, including corporations, universities, and senior living communities. The SafeTrack packaged solution for system integrators, resellers, and businesses includes contact tracing, proximity monitoring, and geofencing, among other applications.

  1. Contact Tracing. SafeTrack wearables logs exposure between two or more people and stores an anonymous log of interactions. SafeTrack is interoperable with other digital contact tracing solutions such as Google and Apple’s Exposure Notification Protocol and MIT’s PathCheck, as digital contact tracing is only effective with a critical mass adoption. The wearable includes privacy controls built from within and encrypts data at rest and in motion. When a positive case is confirmed, all those who have interacted with the infected person are automatically notified and provided resources for isolation, getting tested, and when to seek medical attention.

  2. Proximity Monitoring. SafeTrack devices can be configured to ensure physical distance is achieved in the workplace, schools, and senior living communities. When individuals wearing SafeTrack devices come too close to each other, they’re alerted with a light vibration. These devices are especially useful in places where traditional physical distancing is hard to achieve, such as on a worksite. 

  3. Geofencing. SafeTrack solutions can be enhanced with geofencing for tracking indoors and outdoors. SafeTrack will notify wearers via text, call, or email if zone is breached.

CareBand has partnered with several reputable organizations worldwide to launch their new solution, including TEKTELICHeliumCensis, and SenRa. SafeTrack is currently being piloted by multiple organizations in senior living.

CareBand’s SafeTrack solutions are powered by LoRaWAN®, a low-power wide-area network. The long range and low power of LoRaWAN® means the wearable solution can be implemented efficiently at scale, whether for a small facility or a large university campus.

COVID-19 has proven the need for new pandemic management techniques, and CareBand is leading the charge. The utilization of contact tracing and proximity monitoring with LoRaWAN® creates a low-cost, highly scalable communications network that can help you, your family, and your community safely get back to normal in a post-COVID era.


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