Makes its Award-Winning Customer Experience Index Solution for Communications Service Providers Available on AWS

  •’s Customer Experience Index (CEI) use case lets CSPs analyze network conditions in real-time and assign an individual CEI score to each active subscriber
  • The CEI score is used by operations, customer care and marketing teams to optimize the customer experience, predict churn propensity and create new service bundles
  • With CEI, CSPs can leverage machine learning to retain customers and increase customer profitability, a global leader in Big Data Analytics and AI/ML for the communications industry, has made its award-winning Customer Experience Index (CEI) solution available on AWS. CEI enables Communications Service Providers to apply machine learning to network and customer data to assign an individual “CEI score” to each active subscriber on a mobile network. With this score, CSPs can predict customer sentiment, improve customer satisfaction and deepen customer intimacy.

By treating each subscriber as a “segment of one”, CSPs can use real-time data to ensure the network is meeting the needs of customers and to perform historical analytics to better understand the kinds of services customers prefer most. The CEI solution has won industry recognition for its ability to analyze tens of billions of events per day to make sense of the hundreds of network-generated KPIs that can positively or negatively impact customer satisfaction.

Running CEI on AWS allows CSPs to get more value from their data and reap benefits such as:

  • 15% decrease in the cost of retaining subscribers
  • 20% increase in upsell revenue
  • 2% reduction in customer churn

“ helps CSPs make the most of machine learning to delight customers and maintain a competitive edge as the telecom operating model moves to the cloud,” said Steve Preston, CEO of “The cloud-native platform runs on-premises and in the cloud and can integrate across the extensive AWS telecom partner ecosystem to provide a dramatic value-add in 4G and 5G environments.” lets customers get up and running quickly, ingest data from any source, perform real-time streaming at massive scale, apply machine learning in highly innovative ways, and develop use cases rapidly with a no-code interface.


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