Helps Business Insurance Solutions Ltd. (BISL) Use Data Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation in the U.K. Insurance Market, a global leader in Big Data Analytics and AI/ML, is empowering BISL Ltd., a leading U.K.-based insurance broker, to achieve vast efficiencies in the way it gathers and analyzes data. With the DataOps Engine, BISL can integrate data from a wide variety of sources in seconds versus the 3 weeks it used to take with a previous process. And with all its data collected into a “single source of truth”, BISL can use the Use Case Engine to use analytics to drive its business forward.

“With, the BISL team is able to quickly generate our Mothership Report with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This report puts all the information relevant to our business at our fingertips, and is central to driving decisions about policy initiations, renewals, changes, risk, and more,” said Euan McDonald, Managing Director of BISL. “BISL is taking a two-phase approach with Right now, we are simply amazed and delighted by the speed with which we can collect all the information we need and by the opportunity to reduce OPEX by eliminating manual data integration steps. As we move forward, we envision a second phase where we will use to learn more about our business from every angle—applying machine learning where necessary—to help us to better segment our customers, be more dynamic in our pricing, and find opportunities to increase revenues and drive down cost.”

“ is excited to be helping BISL address pain points common across organisations of all sizes and in all industries,” said Steve Preston, CEO of “While data presents an immense opportunity for digital transformation, most organizations find it very challenging to deal with the complexities of data management and use case development. makes it easy to tame complexity and drive business value with an intuitive visual interface and open architecture that lets customers select the tools they’re familiar with across the data pipeline, from streaming to batch processing, storage, analytics, data prep, reporting and machine learning.”

Born and bred in the highly complex world of telecom, the platform is proving itself every day in some of the most demanding environments imaginable with award-winning AI solutions and continent-spanning deployments.’s mission is to make its cutting-edge data analytics & AI technology available and affordable to organizations of all types and sizes.



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