NetworkingBybit Web3 Shatters Barriers: Introducing an All-in-One Marketplace for Bitcoin and EVM Inscriptions

Bybit, the world’s third largest crypto exchange by volume, is set to inscribe the future with the launch of an integrated inscription marketplace supporting both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystems. The marketplace will enable users to mint and trade inscriptions on multi-chains, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for the global Web3 community.

Bybit Web3 has also entered into a strategic partnership with UniSat and is set to integrate UniSat, with full deployment on the horizon. Users and developers will soon be able to seamlessly connect to the inscription ecosystem through Bybit Web3, offering a comprehensive one-stop platform.

The crypto community has recently witnessed a surge in interest surrounding ordinal inscriptions, where data such as images, videos, and text are directly engraved onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Bybit Web3’s Inscription Marketplace is at the forefront of this movement, providing users with a seamless experience to engage with the evolving Web3 landscape and the larger inscription ecosystem.

With this groundbreaking integration, Bybit Web3 aims to connect over 1 million Web3 wallet users to the existing 20 million users within the Bybit ecosystem. This partnership will create an extensive network, fostering collaboration and inclusivity within the rapidly expanding Web3 community.

Phase 1: Bybit Web3 Adds BRC and EVM Inscriptions

On February 1st, Bybit Web3 team extended a warm welcome to BRC-20 and EVM inscriptions including AVAX, Ethereum (IERC-20), Polygon, Fantom, and Mantle into its Inscription Marketplace. Simultaneously, Bybit Web3 will consolidate liquidity from all inscription marketplaces across primary and secondary markets, transforming Bybit Web3 into the largest liquidity provider and ecosystem for the inscription economy.

Phase 2: Expanding Horizons through Bybit Web3

In Phase 2, Bybit’s Inscription Marketplace will expand and include ARC-20, BRC-420 Ordinals, Bitcoin NFTs. Inscription enthusiasts can access and participate in various inscription marketplaces through a simple, unified experience on a single page.

This signifies that all Web3 users can look forward to accessing both BTC and EVM inscription assets conveniently from a single page and click, gaining access to one of the most extensive and most accessible arrays of multi-chain connected inscription marketplaces. This initiative positions Bybit Web3 as the ultimate destination, serving as the one-stop shop for all inscription assets and opportunities.

Ben Zhou, Co-founder & CEO of Bybit, expressed the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience through the newly launched Bybit Inscription Marketplace.

“We hope to provide users with a one-stop gateway through the Bybit Inscription Marketplace, facilitating the exploration and experimentation with inscription tokens and enjoying their dividends to support industry development. The simplified process aims to make the overall user experience more straightforward and enjoyable.” This reflects Bybit’s dedication to simplifying the user journey, embracing a fair launch and equal access as well as fostering innovation within the industry,” added Zhou.


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