Artificial IntelligenceBlue Ocean Smart System to Introduce Chiplet based, high-performance, low-power AI chips

Blue Ocean Smart System – the leading Chiplet based technology developer in the post-Moore’s Law era for large-scale computing, energy efficient applications, today jointly launched as a founding member, the Artificial Intelligence Computing Power Alliance (ICPA), at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) to accelerate the commercialization of advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Founded in 2019, Blue Ocean Smart System was established with a deeply experienced technical team in broad fields such as GPU, NPU, multimedia, and high-performance computing. The company’s core team has an average of more than 20 years of experience with a team that has shipped an accumulated 10 billion semiconductor SoCs with a peak annual volume of more than 2 billion units shipped in a single year. Blue Ocean Smart System is dedicated to developing original technology and products using our innovative Chiplet architecture. With this unique approach Blue Ocean is the first company in the world to deliver two complementary Chiplets in Q4 of 2021 using a 12nm process. Blue Ocean has created a single design to support from edge to cloud to optimize and to conquer the challenges for each of these markets.

Using Blue Ocean’s proprietary Chiplet architecture and technology, the company’s GPGPU chiplet called BlueFin will support end-to-end high-precision compute (FP32) applications, scaling from 2 TFLOPS to 128 TFLOPS with the flexibility required by our customers. The company’s second chiplet, an NPU chip called BlueDanio, supports a wide range of highly computational and energy-efficient AI training and inference applications with a flexible solution from 50 TOPS to 1,200 TOPS with a single design. At the same time, the company’s integrated hardware and software development environment will greatly enhance the competitiveness of customer products, reduce product development costs, and shorten development cycles for the markets focused on AI training, inferencing, high-precision compute, and large-scale image processing using Blue Ocean’s Chiplet breakthrough technology to bring higher value to our customers.

The company has launched collaborative projects with core partners supporting a number of different applications. Based on the SDK provided by Blue Ocean, the first core customers have completed the porting of their original solutions and have made preliminary performance evaluations. With the help of the company’s customer support team, these customers have also completed prototyping of new applications based on our unique, flexible, and scalable Chiplet architecture to significantly improve the system capability and efficiency while reducing their system costs. For product launch, technical details, product and program content, please refer to the company website.


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