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What is the b2b podcast?

When B2b companies opt for new marketing strategies with the goal of content marketing, content-based networking, and building industry authority by producing a podcast is known as the B2B podcast.

There are a variety of podcasts that are for the b2b companies. It could be panel discussions or live interviews. Some could be fully scripted and audio plays production, It could be cryptic monologues, etc.

Attributes of podcasts

Any type of podcasts whether it live interviews, panel discussions, or scrip toted all podcasts, decipher two attributes-

  • Multiple recordings for each title
  • All podcasts are organized in an RSS feed that can be subscribed to.

Despite the genre of the audio, the platforms that are providing the recordings as long as you have multiple recordings brought together by an RSS feed, all matter is the podcast.

Types of B2b Podcasting

  • Interview podcast

The interview has been one of the biggest and good parts of podcasting as it breaks the monotony of one voice potential talking for too long adding the expertise and gravitas to the episodes as it recites the tale of two audiences.

  • Panel podcasting

This podcasting is a show in which episodes are regularly hosted by particular groups of people recording together.

B2B podcasting goals

There are three podcasting primary goals as a b2b podcaster-

  • Accessing the ideal buyer.
  • Inviting the ideal buyers to be a guest in the show.
  • Content creation about the guest’s expertise.
  • You shine the spotlight on the ideal buyer.
  • By asking provoking thought questions that make the guest feel like a rockstar.
  • The killer content-based podcast builds a great relationship with the guest from their interview.
  • Sending the guests post-interview links featuring them and engage them with posts on LinkedIn, Instagram Facebook, and other channels.
  • Nurture the relationship even after the interview is done as it keeps good in the future.
  • Audience growth.

The marketer can measure the size of the listenership by measuring the metrics of the no. Of downloads of your show per month. To increase the b2b podcast audience, companies can opt for the following ways-

  • Name the show strategically.
  • Content planning.
  • Plan a show promotion.
  • Sets the cross-promotions with shows of similar industry.
  • Promote your shows on other industry podcasts by paying.
  • Planning a podcast tour for the host.
  • SEO leverage.
  • Consistent posts on LinkedIn.
  • Make your interviews into micro-videos.
  • Slide decks by repurposing interviews.
  • Make your content funny to promote your shows.
  • Promote the show via the team’s email signatures.
  • Get creative with emails.
  • Research originality.

What is it?

This could be done with the specific demographic’s people by interviewing them by asking original research questions aiming to create an information product.

Why does it?

Knowing your reach is not enough for better sales what is needed to know is that why you need to reach them specifically and this could be answered by using the valuable industry insights data collection after this use this information in the content of your show and sell it to the audience.

How to do it?

Make the show two-way communication. Make them feel that their opinions matter. Excite them with your discussions over something.

How to brand your show?

  • Your shows name.

Remember the name of the show always matters. The very first thing that attracts the listeners towards the shows is the name. If you named your shows that gives the listeners a hint about the show they are interested in then it will make them sneak in your show. The name of the show is like a launchpad for its brand.

Don’t name your B2B podcast around:

  • Your Company name.
  • Your company tagline.
  • Your company’s value.
  • Company’s expertise.
  • The name of your show host.

B2b podcast naming commandments-

  • Be authoritative
  • Be concise
  • Be clear
  • Do not use ‘podcast’ in your name

Podcast Cover Art Creation

The cover art of the podcast plays a vital role in its marketing. It is a huge part of the success of your show. Some ideas to design the cover art –

  • Purpose of the podcast cover art

the cover art of the podcast must match the vibe of the show that reflects the theme.

  • Create a Mood Board

Your cover art should be like this in that it creates the mood of the viewer instantly making them eager to wait for your episodes.

  • Dimensions

the cover art of any podcast should not is less than 3000*3000 px that ensures the responsiveness of your art cover on all respective platforms.

  • Opt for an effective background-color

The color combination should be in contrast. Few things to mind-

  • It should catch the attention of the viewers while scrolling through podcasts.
  • The font color and background color need to be in strong contrast.
  • If the cover art is displayed at 50*50 px the background color must identify the show.
  • Avoid using the white color background as it submerges with the background of the viewer’s screen.
  • To make the cover visually more interesting give the background some textures.
  • Limit the copy and content

If the cover art has more words, it would look least interesting as you have readers who use different devices and it is impossible to read any text on the 50*50 px version on phone.

Music of the Podcast

Podcasts are treated to be an important entertainment medium and every component is important for the podcast’s success and music of the podcast is a very precious piece of the podcast’s completion.

  • Intros

The intro music should be your theme songs and are usually 15 to 30 seconds long that hooks the listener. The great intro with music scores more listeners’ attention to the show and be attractive that its listeners forget everything but not the show.

  • Segment divider

The music should be their segmenting the episode of the show. The musical clips assist the key moments punctuate giving the listener the vibe of traveling through the beginning, middle, and end. The music during segmentation gives the transition clues or can be built as suspense and anticipation reinforcing the subject change.

  • Background Music

The background music complements the content making it shine better. For podcasts, music can be considered as punctuation. The background music has the power that empowers the feelings of the listeners at a particular moment. Keeping the music clean and simple making the audience humming together.

  • Outro Music

This would point out the closure of the show. This could be of any type. Maybe the same as the intro, or could be different. The music must be like that the listener feels complete when the show is over.

Podcasts for the B2B Content Marketers

For b2b marketers, the sale of the content is very important and podcasts allow the listeners to consume the content through ideal channels. Podcasts’ best quality is that one can listen to them while working, driving, or cooking in short podcasts that fill the sizable chunks of the idle time.

As per the Edison Research’s Podcast Consumer, 2017 report states that 24% of the monthly podcast listeners are from the age group of 18-54 and the listeners of the podcasts are evenly distributed into males and females. The study also reflects that podcast listeners tend to be affluent and educated consumers. In the past four years, the monthly listeners from the age group of 25-54 have increased year over year.

Marketing goals served by B2B podcast

  • Podcasts are a new type of content creations that is created to attract and engage the phases of the customer’s journey.
  • The podcasts serve the goal of creating brand awareness influencing thought leadership in the market.
  • If the content of the podcast is valuable, thoughtful it makes the brand stand out in the competition that encourages the podcast listeners to build relationships with the respective brands.
  • The Q/A or panel discussion has emerged as the most successful podcasts in the B2B industry.
  • The B2B podcast host can introduce the new guests for sharing their valuable insights each week and is considered as the perfect type of format for influencer marketing.
  • The B2b podcasts influence the internal subject matter experts forming relationships with influencers in the industry even feature your potential prospects.
  • A good way to reach the niche audience, B2B podcasts have a low barrier of entry.
  • The Deliverability of valuable information content flow through the B2B podcasts opens the doors of its marketing success as it reaches the specific audience in an entertaining format.

How to start a B2B podcast?

Launching podcast is not easy but it’s not impossible either. A successful podcast needs to streamline various tasks from recording to amplification. Steps to start a podcast are:

  • Format selection

The very first thing that as a B2B podcast organizer is to choose the suitable format that fits best for your concept. It could be interview-based, commentary could be instructional as well.

  • Choose a cadence you can sustain

The selection of cadence could be anything it could be your podcast’s goals or bandwidth all that matters is what you are committing to your customers and what are their expectations. The study suggests instead of doing podcasts weekly in the beginning the producer should go for the monthly podcast to get some traction going and only when this seems manageable the increment in raising the frequency could be considered the time.

Or one way is that to record all the episodes of the series first and then release them at once. This allows you to concentrate better on launching marketing.

  • Production is easier and cheaper for the podcast

Various tools are low in cost that produces a quality podcast. the essentials of the podcasts are –

  • USB microphone with pop filter
  • Recording and software editing
  • Podcast hosting platforms
  • Scripts

As much as the speaker sounds natural the engagement could be experienced. If the script of the podcast sounds robotic has the words sound cliche or ramble too much in the beginning listeners would lose interest and would drop in between the podcasts and could never return for future episodes. The wordings of the script should be influential in maintaining the verbal delivery and balanced materials.

  • Record and Edit

When done with the format and the script, the next step is recording. Record the podcast through a perfect tool that suits your budget and concept and after that move to the editing part.

The editing would consist of cutting out the repetitious or rambling content. Including a catchy intro along with the name of the podcast and music. Making the audio quality smooth and avoiding large variability in loudness.

  • Transcripts and additional resources

By providing transcripts and additional related resources on the website helps listeners to listen to it easily. This not only helps listeners to enjoy the podcast easily but drives traffic to the websites.

  • Podcast launching

When you are done with the above-mentioned steps ..the last and final step is launching it and some steps need to be followed. Start with setting up the major podcast directory listing, then at the or thumbnail needs to be completed, then the title and at last RSS feed to a hosting platform on which the podcast would stream live. These platforms could be free or could be subscription icon basis …the choice is yours.

B2b Podcasts metrics

The business does different events or produces products etc for success and how these could be measures are known as metrics. The metrics that are used to measure the B2B podcasts success are-

  • Guest to customers

The ROI of the podcast is not easy to measure but it helps in remembering the goals behind its execution and that is to land more customers. The first metrics measures the guests changed into valuable customers. That means, the guests that are interviewed on your show have become your customers or not. These metrics majorly evaluates the success of the podcast.

  • Previous podcast’s benchmarks

Getting the downloaded insights would give an idea of the show’s success rate. Check for the monthly downloaded episodes and compare your new podcast downloads with the previous one and keep the measurement with the interval of 1 to 2 years.

  • Your podcast vs. another podcast

Measuring your present podcast with the previous podcast is good but it’s not enough what you need to be considerate of is the no. of downloads of your podcasts and your competitor’s podcasts. A real comparison is needed to be done with the competition participants who are dealing in the same industry as yours and how effective their podcasts are.


The podcasts are a rare content marketing strategy that got its growth in the past 2 years. Interests in podcast creation have increased that people are seeking different ways to connect with the audience with different content that is relatively cheap and influential. The B2B marketers are still worrying about the deliverability of the right content at the right time with the correct format with engaging audiences.

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