NetworkingAvicena Will Showcase Its Multi-Tbps LED-Based Optical Link for Chip-to-Chip Communication at ECOC 2021

Avicena Tech Corp., a privately held company in Mountain View, CA, is demonstrating its LightBundle™ multi-Tbps LED-based chip-to-chip interconnect technology at the European Conference for Optical Communications (ECOC) 2021 in Bordeaux, France (

The Avicena LightBundle™ achieves order-of-magnitude improvements in power dissipation and density over any other interconnect technology up to a reach of 10 meters. LightBundle™ is purpose-built for multi-Tbps chip-to-chip interconnects in distributed computing, processor-to-memory disaggregation, and other advanced computing applications. LightBundle™ is based on arrays of novel GaN high-speed micro-emitters that leverage the microLED display manufacturing ecosystem and is fully compatible with high performance CMOS ICs.

Interconnects are becoming the key bottleneck in modern compute and network systems. Highly variable workloads are driving the evolution of densely interconnected, heterogeneous, software-defined clusters of CPUs, Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), Data Processing Units (DPUs) and shared memory blocks. Exploding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) workloads are exemplary of emerging applications driving an accelerating need for interconnects with extremely high density, low power consumption and low latency.

“The cloud and high-performance computing market is looking for a new class of energy efficient high bandwidth density interconnects,” said Vladimir Kozlov, Founder and CEO of LightCounting. “Avicena’s technology has the potential to deliver a paradigm shift in terms of power efficiency, bandwidth density, and reach.”


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