Artificial IntelligenceApromore Announces Version 8 to Further Enable End-to-End Process Intelligence

Apromore, the leading provider of enterprise-grade and open-source process mining technology, today announced the latest version of its research-led process mining software, Apromore 8. New capabilities mean that organizations can quickly and accurately map end-to-end business processes that span multiple applications to accelerate, scale and efficiently manage business process improvement and automation initiatives.

New features include:

  • End-to-end process intelligence mapping: Apromore 8 enables organizations to map end-end sales and customer service processes, involving an SAP system, a legacy system, and multiple desktop applications.
  • Delta analysis: Apromore 8 also ships with a unique delta analysis capability, which uses advanced algorithms to pinpoint differences between best practices and actual business processes. Using this information, business decision makers can explore opportunities to eliminate waste, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency and customer experience.
  • SAP connector: The improvements to Apromore include a new version of its SAP connector that accommodates customizations made in SAP ECC (ERP Core Component) and S4/HANA, to further simplify and accelerate the analysis of core processes that run on SAP.

“As the economy rebounds and new challenges appear in business processes, customers are asking for ways to accelerate the time to gaining actionable insights from process mining,” said Prof. Marcello La Rosa, Apromore co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The improvements in Apromore 8 give customers the ability to streamline and scale business process improvement initiatives through easier intervention, security and project management capabilities.”

These days, core business processes are hardly running within the confines of a single system. A core process like Meter-to-Cash at a utility company may start in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system like Salesforce, and end in SAP. Ingesting data from multiple systems requires IT development resources and is time consuming. A global defense company was challenged by the inferior performance of its asset management process. Using Apromore Integration Center, together with the SAP connector, the organization was able to integrate information stored in their CRM and SAP systems to create an accurate end-to-end model of their process. What-if analysis via Apromore’s simulation engine helps the company understand where challenges exist and what the impacts of interventions might be, prior to costly investment.

Additional product enhancements in Apromore 8 include:

  • Improved integration capabilities with ETL data pipelines repository, and automatic data ingestion via Amazon S3 buckets for customers to retain full control of their data at rest.
  • Data anonymization, to protect sensitive information when ingesting event logs.
  • Enhanced project management capabilities with dashboard and filter templates simplify the ability to port artifacts from one log to another for log- delta analysis, such as comparing performance between two quarters.
  • Improved task mining capabilities with dedicated user and task dashboards and a connector to ingest task data from UltimateSuite’s data processing engine.
  • Model delta analysis to compare as-is vs to-be BPMN models or two versions of the same model.
  • Extended customization of performance dashboards, with KPI (Key Performance Indicator) thresholds and reference lines for better decision making.
  • Custom calendars based on specific work patterns and holidays when computing process duration statistics.
  • Multi-language support. New languages can easily be added to build upon existing support for English and Japanese with German coming soon.

For more information regarding Apromore process mining software please see See for information about Apromore Integration Center, a range of out of the box connectors to ingest data from systems such as SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, or others, and push analytics out to be consumed by third-party applications.

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