NetworkingAmadis Chosen by eMcREY for SoftPos Payment Solution

Amadis, a global payment software editor, leading supplier of EMV Level 2 card processing solutions and nexo universal payment acceptance applications, has been selected by eMcREY, a leading financial solution supplier in the Middle-East, for its SoftPOS solution. Amadis will provide eMcREY with its payment card processing software, enabling worldwide contactless payment acceptance on commercial off-the-shelf devices (COTS).

eMcREY’s SoftPOS will allow its customers to accept payment from Visa, Mastercard, Amex and MADA (the market-leading payment card in Saudi Arabia). The SoftPOS, EMV software-only payment application, turns mobile devices into contactless payment acceptance terminals. Through Amadis software, eMcREY is one of the first companies able to enable acceptance of all worldwide contactless payment schemes on a single payment application, overcoming the limitations of alternative SDKs, which do not effectively scale.

“The partnership with eMcREY highlights the growing trend for payment service providers (PSP) to challenge traditional payment solution models,” said Fabrice Grenier, Chief Business Officer at Amadis. “By enabling payment acceptance on consumer smartphones, many new use cases and categories of merchants are now on the radar of PSP to grow their businesses more efficiently and cost effectively, while limiting risks of hardware investments.”

Amadis provides the industry’s most extensive, scalable, EMV Level 2 contactless payment processing capabilities, complemented with an optimized and multi-platform nexo-standards payment application. With Amadis software and eMcREY’s SoftPOS model, merchants gain immediate access to contactless payment acceptance on millions of already deployed NFC capable Android smartphones, tablets and professional devices.

“Amadis provides us with the unique ability to support contactless payment schemes worldwide,” said Rawad Richa, eMcREY Chief of Development. “This will allow our customers to deploy payment acceptance solutions more effectively and rapidly, while retaining the flexibility to quickly react to changing market dynamics.”

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