AnalyticsAltizon Launches Datonis BI for Self-Service Manufacturing Data Analytics

Altizon, a global industrial IIoT platform company, today announced Datonis BI (Business Intelligence), a cloud-based business intelligence platform for data exploration and analysis. Datonis BI solves one of the key challenges for manufacturers by bringing operations data into a well-integrated business view, right from a browser.

The platform seamlessly integrates with Altizon’s Datonis Industrial IoT platform to provide a 360-degree view of KPIs that matter most to an enterprise.

“We are using Datonis BI to democratize the use of Manufacturing IT/ OT Data that we have created over the years across processes with Altizon. BI is allowing our end-users to create their own preferred form of visualizations and reports for analysis. The results are encouraging and we look to avail continued benefits from the investment,” shared Bimal Puri, Vice President & CIO at SRF Technical Textiles.


  • Browser Based BI: Get started with data insights from a browser with no complex installs or set-up
  • DIY Charts & Dashboards: Utilize rich out-of-the box charting and visualization widgets
  • Slice & Dice: Leverage grouping, filtering and aggregation capabilities to build a better understanding of data
  • SQL Engine: Go native with a built-in SQL Engine to build complex queries if the built-in analytics widgets prove insufficient
  • Standard Data Models: Get pre-built data models for productivity, quality, maintenance and energy & utilities analytics
  • External Data Models: Connect Datonis BI to external data sources to gain insights across dimensions

“In today’s world it is incredibly important for business users to have the tools for rapidly analyzing operations data alongside data from corporate IT systems. They need the capability to independently write a quick query, create a visualization like a graph and dive deeper into, say, a rapidly changing productivity KPI for a particular shift. Datonis BI is our way of providing this value for our customers by enabling enhanced decision making with faster reporting capability and self-service analytics,” said Vinay Nathan, CEO of Altizon. “We are excited to help our clients discover meaningful data patterns, which will significantly improve their bottom line.”


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