Artificial IntelligenceAI-Powered Seamless Collaboration: Yealink Introduces the MVC S40, Transforming Hybrid Workspaces

Yealink (300628.SZ) is addressing the evolving challenges of hybrid workplaces, where flexibility in collaboration methods and locations is increasing. A concerning statistic from the Work Trend Index Annual Report reveals that 43% of remote employees feel disconnected during video conferences, resulting in less efficient meetings. To combat this issue, Yealink has launched its latest innovation, the MVC S40. This new product builds on the success of last year’s Windows-based MVC series, integrating advanced AI technology to enhance the hybrid meeting experience and bridge the gap between virtual and in-person communication.

Experience Face-to-Face Meetings in a Hybrid Environment

In hybrid meetings, remote participants often struggle to feel included, appearing small and distant on the screen. The MVC S40 changes the game with its innovative dual-camera system, powered by AI. It captures an ultra-wide view, ensuring everyone is visible, while the IntelliFocus feature dynamically adjusts the camera focus to highlight active speakers. This inclusivity fosters equality, empowering all participants to contribute confidently, just like in face-to-face meetings.

Crystal-Clear Communication, Every Time

Effective collaboration hinges on clear communication, but background noise and echoes can disrupt hybrid meetings. The MVC S40 tackles this challenge head-on with AI-enhanced audio capabilities. Its 8-MEMS beamforming microphone captures voices from all directions, while a full-duplex audio algorithm ensures crystal-clear, noise-free transmission, even during simultaneous speech. Combined with powerful stereo speakers, the MVC S40 creates an immersive meeting environment conducive to effective collaboration.

Seamless Sharing for Effortless Collaboration

Efficient sharing of content is essential for seamless collaboration. With the MVC S40’s compatibility with the presentation pod WPP30, sharing content becomes effortless. Its wireless connection enables plug-and-share functionality, facilitating the transmission of 4K video without latency, even in complex network environments. Moreover, the WPP30 also supports seamless integration with other meeting apps, allowing for instant setup and integration with the MVC S40’s video and audio capabilities.

Upgrade Your Meeting Experience with Yealink’s Trade-in Program

To further enhance your meeting experience, Yealink has introduced the Trade-in Program, offering up to a 35% discount on the MVC series. Whether you’re upgrading from Yealink or other leading vendors’ video conferencing devices, the program provides a hassle-free solution to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. By participating, you not only mitigate security risks associated with Microsoft’s Windows upgrade policy but also harness the power of AI to unlock unprecedented collaboration and productivity.


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