Artificial Intelligence2021 China Digital Economy Report Recognizes Moviebook as a Leader in Merchandizing AI Science and Technology

Leading AI-powered infrastructure and service provider of intelligent video production, Moviebook, has recently been recognized in the 2021 China Digital Economy Report by Jazzyear. The annual report titled ‘Walk to the Depth’, noted Moviebook as being a good example of a diverse profit model with flexible product service ideas. This recognition comes alongside Moviebook’s notable placement on’s prestigious Best Digital Business Innovation Technology Award list for the Best AI Digital Intelligence of 2021.

Released on December 7, the 100+ page Walk to the Depth: 2021 China Digital Economy Report presents a comprehensive review of China’s entire digital industry, with an in-depth look at over 2,000 companies. In recent years, this report has been regarded as one of the country’s more authoritative studies of trends in technology and the digitization of business and culture. The highlighting of Moviebook as being a leader in the field of artificial intelligence speaks volumes to the company’s progress in recent years and is an indicator of Moviebook’s potential.

Companies of all types are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate AI into their operations. The issue, however, is in progress from just an idea to full implementation. Moviebook fully recognizes this challenge and is therefore committed to helping companies of all shapes and sizes reach a level of digital transformation that can help them grow. To this end, it have developed a dual product strategy.

The dual product strategy relies on the underlying generative AI and digital twin technologies to create a broader range of products and services that allow for both standardization and customization. Moviebook’s expertise in smart video technology is proving to be especially important for e-commerce, as, combined with AI, digital twin, XR, and other technologies, it can better engage with consumers to improve user experience and customer retention levels. Moviebook is able to automatically fabricate digital products in two dimensions or three dimensions with standardized and reusable AI digital twin technology model to achieve real interactive experience. Meanwhile,  it can also create digital shop assistants with different roles setting such as after-sale service, patrol and shop guide. Consumers are allowed to put digital products into certain scenes or to associate them with other products to generate immersive experienced video in three dimensions.

A recent report by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology entitled ‘White Paper on China’s Digital Economy Development’, showed that by 2020, China’s digital economy reached close to RMB 40 trillion, accounting for 38.6% of GDP. Following a strong upward trend, ‘data’ has become a key asset in the digital era but can also be considered a pain point for business owners. Increasingly, the quality, usability, credibility, and amount of data available is proving a challenge for digital businesses that often rely on third-party data collection and processing service providers. AI tools rely heavily on data and therefore are inhibited by the lack of accurate, quality, real-time data that could improve the effectiveness of these tools and create meaningful value for consumers.

In August this year, Moviebook and home appliance manufacturing giant, Haier Zhihu, established a strategic cooperation agreement. This agreement outlined details for cooperating to include Moviebook’s AI and smart video technology in the next generation of smart home appliances. As detailed in the Report by Jazzyear, Moviebook’s commitment to sourcing a diverse profit model is evident in the company’s movements towards partnering with forward-thinking traditional businesses to enhance their products and create more opportunities for future growth.


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