Artificial Intelligence$100K on the Line in the Global Artificial Intelligence Championship – Seeking Top AI Models for Mathematical Mastery

AGI Odyssey is excited to announce the Global Artificial Intelligence Championship (GAIC), slated for March 16, 2024. Endorsed by esteemed professors and AI experts, this competition marks a significant advance in integrating AI and mathematics.

The competition, supported by an advisory board of renowned artificial intelligence academics and industry experts, stands as a testament to the scholarly pursuit of AI excellence. With meticulous planning and the high standards of integrity, the GAIC is set to be a landmark event in the AI community.

At the core of the competition is our commitment to spotlighting the best AI models capable of solving complex mathematical problems.

Fellow of the British Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Xiaolan Fu of Oxford University shares:

“This championship is more than a contest. It is a celebration of the brightest AI minds. I can’t wait to see how the Global Artificial Intelligence Championship (GAIC) will push the boundaries of AI in mathematics.”

Professor Yike Guo, the provost of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), looked forward to the commencement of GAIC:

“We are very excited about finding the top talents in the AI industry!  AGI Odyssey is empowering interdisciplinary collaboration of mathematics and artificial intelligence by hosting the first Global Artificial Intelligence Championship (GAIC) in March 2024. I would like to extend a warm invitation to all global AI researchers to join the championships.”

AGI Odyssey, a non-profit organization leading the charge in blending AI with both academic research and industry development, is the proud organizer of this event. Supported by key industry players, AGI Odyssey’s mission extends to empower AGI innovative research, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and ensure the development of AI benefits human society.

We invite all AI enthusiasts, professionals, and teams to join the Global Artificial Intelligence Championship. A total prize pool of $100,000 awaits the top participants, with the first place winner receiving $75,000. This competition is not just about rewards; it’s about gaining recognition in the global AI community for your innovative solutions in mathematics.

Registration is now open till March 1, 2024. The competition promises to be an exciting journey of discovery, showcasing the pinnacle of AI in solving mathematical problems.


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