Networking10 Korean Digital Content Companies to Participate in ‘Mobilefest 2021,’ Biggest ICT Exhibition in the Middle East

The biggest ICT exhibition and forum in the Middle East, ‘Mobilefest 2021’ will be held in Turkey for 3 days from Nov 11 to 13. (Hosted by ExpoHIS (HIS EXHIBITION SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED)/Supported by Turkey Ministry of Industrial Technology) 10 digital content companies from Korea, the ‘digital powerhouse,’ confirmed their participation, garnering lots of attention.

The Korea Mobile Internet Business Association achieved Korean digital content companies’ participation in the online exhibition with the support of the Korea Ministry of Science and ICT to cooperate and promote the exchange with the Middle East countries in the digital content field. 10 Korean digital companies including WOONGJIN THINKBIG, Cellbig, and Victoria Productions will join the event.

With the opening of the Korea ‘MOIBA National Hall’ on the Mobilefest 2021, the organizer will hold various promotional activities, including the opening of an introduction video for Korean companies, pitching videos for major products, and directory books.

Prior to the event, non-contact consulting through preliminary business matching between the Middle East and overseas VCs, buyers and Korean companies will be made for 3 days from Oct 25 to 27, using the local network. In addition, the promotion for Korea MOIBA National Hall will be carried out via the local press and official social media during the event.

A Mobilefest official said, “Throughout the Middle East countries, the demand for K-content, represented as Hallyu, constantly increases with the high interest in the outstanding Korean digital content technology.” He added, “The participation of Korean companies in this event will surely have a great impact on the exhibition, and at the same time, it is expected to contribute to the development of the global digital content industry. We will fully support this event.”

The details of the Korean digital content companies participating in Mobilefest 2021 can be found on the official website (


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