Data CenterVanta Deepens International Momentum with Launch of EU Data Centre

Vanta, the leading trust management platform, announced today it’s scaling its investment in the European market with the opening of a new EU data centre, launching localized product features and updated policy frameworks, and expanding its partner ecosystem to better serve Vanta’s rapidly growing customer base in Europe.

“As we continue expanding our global footprint and supporting increasingly larger organizations with more complex security and compliance needs, we want to ensure customers have more control over where their data is stored,” said Paulo Rodriguez, Head of International, Vanta. “Today, we’re leading the trust management and automated compliance market in Europe by launching a new data centre available to all European customers. In addition, we’re rolling out more ways for our customers to get the localized product capabilities and support they need to get compliant, showcase their security and, ultimately, demonstrate trust.”

Vanta’s Frankfurt-based data centre is operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is already fully operational, providing customers with a new option for meeting internal policies on data storage location and regulatory requirements.

“At Hellon, a strong commitment to security is of paramount importance to us, which means we need to ensure both our data, and that of our customers, is secure,” said Sami Näveri, CFO, Hellon. “As a Vanta customer, we’re pleased to have our data reside in Europe, giving us the peace of mind that we’re continuing our industry leading approach to security. We’re excited for the local enhancements, support and features Vanta is delivering, demonstrating their strong investment in the European market.”

Starting today, European customers will have access to pre-built policies, security awareness training, and email/Slack employee notifications in French, Spanish, German and English—enabling them to onboard and stay current with Vanta in their language of choice. To resolve issues in a timely manner, Vanta now features timezone-aligned tech support, serving customers wherever they’re based. In addition, Vanta has updated its ISO 27001 framework, the leading information security standard globally. Critical for companies conducting business outside of the U.S., the updated framework ensures that organizations are getting certified against the latest version and gives already certified customers ample time to transition to the new version before the October 31, 2025 deadline.

In addition to the localized product and support enhancements, Vanta is also bolstering its go-to-market capabilities in the region via an expanded partner ecosystem and local employee presence. Over the last year, Vanta has grown its European partner network of vCISOs, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and auditors significantly, with plans to more than 10x its network in 2023. Via its European headquarters in Dublin, and local presence in London, Vanta will triple its team of talented employees in the region this year—leading the trust management and automated compliance category in local staffing and resources.

“By partnering with Vanta, we are able to provide our customers with a holistic approach to cybersecurity certification and management,” said Hugh Devine, VP Compliance Strategy, CompliancePath. “Sustaining certifications has historically been a challenge for many organizations whose time and energy are solely focused on the initial certification process and quickly diminish after certification is achieved. Our adoption of Vanta for vCISO services, ISO internal audits and GRC support enables our clients to easily navigate through the certification process while significantly minimizing the time, effort and money required to get, and stay, compliant.”

In 2022, Vanta nearly doubled its customer base to serve over 4,000 companies across 58 countries, while expanding its global footprint with offices in Australia, Ireland and the U.S. Over the past year, Vanta raised $150 million in funding from leading investors Craft Ventures, Sequoia and Y Combinator and security industry pioneers like CrowdStrike, bringing the company’s total amount raised to $203 million at a $1.65 billion valuation.

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