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MongoDB, (NASDAQ: MDB) today at MongoDB.local Frankfurt, announced MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive, a new initiative that helps organizations innovate with real-time data and build applications that take advantage of intelligent, connected technology. MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive includes expert-led innovation workshops, tailored technology partnerships, and industry-specific knowledge accelerators to provide customized training paths designed for the wide range of use cases that developers in these industries work with—from digital twins of manufacturing facilities to predictive maintenance of factory equipment to highly engaging applications for connected cars. Get started with MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive now.

Technological advances in connectivity, automation, and real-time analytics are having a disruptive impact on the manufacturing industry, and even more so on the automotive sector as the industry transitions to renewable energy powertrains. Organizations in these industries need to transform their operations with real-time data and connected technologies to be able to deploy solutions like predictive and preventive maintenance of vehicles and manufacturing equipment, automated maintenance scheduling for consumers and factory technicians, and manufacturing process optimization with smart factory solutions and supply chain automation. However, these modern solutions use connected technologies with large numbers of IoT devices and sensors that generate massive amounts of data. To be effective, organizations need the ability to collect, process, and analyze high-volume data from different sources in real time—a process that is extremely challenging. For example, the data that IoT devices and sensors generate comes in many different formats and must be normalized, combined, and processed before advanced analytics can begin. Even then, many organizations often lack the expertise required to build applications that can analyze real-time data for use cases like identifying potential defects in vehicle fleets for safety improvement or detecting anomalies in factory machinery to prevent equipment failure. Because of the many challenges involved with collecting, processing, and analyzing vast amounts of real-time data, many organizations in the automotive and manufacturing industries are unable to build and deploy modern applications that take advantage of connected technologies to transform their businesses.

“The automotive and manufacturing industries are embracing a foundational transformation from manual assembly-line type operations to intelligent organizations based on software and automation. New vehicle drivetrains and complementary technologies provide access to vast amounts of data that is not only available in real-time but needs to be processed in real-time as well,” said Boris Bialek, Field CTO of Industry Solutions at MongoDB. “This industry-wide transformation is in its early stages, and many companies are just starting to figure out what they need to effectively collect, process, and analyze all of this data so they can make better business decisions and enhance end-user experiences. MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive accelerates this transformation by providing a set of expert-led industry initiatives to help organizations quickly go from ‘overwhelmed by data’ to ‘deriving valuable insights from data’ with modern applications.”

Organizations can now take advantage of MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive to reimagine end-user experiences and transform manufacturing processes:

  • Develop new strategies to tackle industry-specific challenges with innovation workshops: MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive includes dedicated executive engagement with industry experts from MongoDB and the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem to ideate client-specific solutions using best practices. Innovation workshops are tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities organizations in the automotive and manufacturing industries face so they can develop data-first application strategies.

  • Leverage technology partnerships and expertise to accelerate innovation: MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive provides access to MongoDB’s industry-specific partner integrations and toolchains to help accelerate application development. The MongoDB Partner Ecosystem includes systems integrators and technology consultants with industry-specific expertise—including AWS and HiveMQ—to help organizations adopt the right solutions for their specific use cases. MongoDB also works closely with industry-specific technology alliances like COVESA that provide open solutions for automotive industry challenges.

  • Jumpstart modern application development with real-time data: Organizations can engage with the MongoDB Professional Services team to take advantage of automotive and manufacturing industry expertise to accelerate projects from concept to prototype to production in less time. Experts from the MongoDB Professional Services team can work backward from an organization’s specific challenges to conduct architectural reviews and help quickly prototype proofs of concept for ideation before moving new applications that use real-time data with connected technology into production.

  • Upskill teams to quickly build modern applications: MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive provides tailored MongoDB University courses and learning materials, including unlimited access to curated webinars and solutions sessions, to help developers learn how to quickly build modern applications for the automotive and manufacturing industries. Organizations can benefit from training new and experienced developers from the ground up on how to use MongoDB Atlas to build applications with a flexible operational data model to modernize operations and reimagine end user experiences.

In addition to offering the MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive initiative, MongoDB is a launch partner for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Automotive Competency. To obtain this competency, MongoDB underwent rigorous technical validation to ensure that MongoDB and AWS can help automotive organizations build towards an autonomous, customer-centric, safe, sustainable future. This builds on MongoDB’s long-standing relationship with AWS, including MongoDB Atlas’ availability in the AWS Marketplace.

“MongoDB and AWS have worked closely together across many industries during our eight-year partnership, and with MongoDB as one of the launch partners for the AWS Automotive Competency, another one can be added to that list,” said Wendy Bauer, General Manager of Automotive and Manufacturing at AWS. “This industry is rapidly evolving, fueled by a demand to meet changing customer preferences, and the complexity of the automotive industry’s challenges requires partners with deep automotive experience. MongoDB Atlas on AWS has a track record of unlocking the innovation needed to deliver the next-generation mobility experiences that customers are demanding.”

HiveMQ makes it possible to move data from device to cloud in a secure, reliable and scalable manner. “The HiveMQ MQTT Platform makes it easy for companies to stream IoT data from devices to the cloud to ensure they are maximizing value,” said Dominik Obermaier, Cofounder and CTO at HiveMQ. “Adding a pre-built integration with MongoDB allows our customers to eliminate the need for manual integration and harness the power of MongoDB for data management and real-time, application-driven analytics.”

Share Now is a car-sharing joint venture between car2go and DriveNow with over 10,000 vehicles in 16 cities across eight countries. “We needed new versatile, automated database environments that could handle all of our microservices and database clusters without breaking a sweat. This would help us efficiently and accurately process incoming data,” said Stephan Kaufmann, Head of Cloud Engineering, SHARE NOW. “Deploying MongoDB Atlas was a seamless and pain-free project for us. MongoDB Atlas helps us innovate through integrating our data sets and back-end management while delivering better ROI than any other solution on the market.”

Digitread Connect provides KYB, an Industrial IoT platform that helps track performance of machinery and industrial assets through sensors: “Time-series data is our bread and butter, and MongoDB made it simple for us to handle this,” said Christoffer Lange, CEO, Digitread Connect. “We were amazed by the simplicity and the performance. Using MongoDB Atlas really showed us that we don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details of how to treat the database. We got the solution live for our customers in a very short time.”

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