Artificial IntelligenceMDS Global Launches an AI-powered Marketing Decision Intelligence Platform “MDS DecisionAI” That Enables Telcos to Reduce Churn and Increase Revenues

Today, MDS Global, a leading provider of converged B2B/B2C billing and BSS solutions, has launched MDS DecisionAI, a new marketing decision intelligence platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide the critical insight ambitious MNOs, MVNOs, sub-brands and fixed line operators need to grow and outperform the competition.

MDS DecisionAI provides a full suite of telecoms specific AI modules including forecasting, churn, propensity models, and marketing and media mix analysis, that will help brands to optimise their marketing and commercial strategy. It enables them to identify monetisation opportunities and blind spots so they can make interventions sooner.

As a result, operators will be able to maximise yield and revenue, for example by predicting churn and identifying a customer’s propensity to consider other products offered in a cross-sell campaign, or through better-informed proposition development.

As part of MDS Global’s commitment to driving profitable digital telcos, MDS DecisionAI’s SaaS model, makes it a highly flexible and affordable way to operationally deploy AI. This is particularly beneficial for operators, MVNOs and sub brands who haven’t been able to invest in AI in the past due to the complexity of implementation, high integration costs and lack of affordable expert skill. The model eliminates the need for complex, costly and lengthy implementation projects. Instead, it can be easily integrated into existing billing, CVM and digital channels, no matter the platform used. Operators can expect to be set up and reaping the benefits of making more informed strategic decisions within 60 days.

Decision intelligence tools are changing the shape of telecoms with reports of cases where operators have made multi-million-pound revenue improvements from a more reactive churn response, seen 25% increase on cross sell success rates, and 30% uplift in acquisition by reviewing marketing media spend.

John Burton, CEO of MDS Global, says MDS DecisionAI will democratise artificial intelligence and decision intelligence, and make it accessible to all, including small brands: “Only 5%1 of telcos have a full AI marketing and personalisation strategy that is delivering an ROI on expected growth and benefits. MDS DecisionAI is a game changer and makes the vision of becoming a profitable digital telco more achievable.”

“Using MDS DecisionAI will create more agile and successful operators almost overnight. The use of AI will help them make the right commercial and marketing spending decisions and make more informed decisions about when and how to adjust their strategy or invest in innovation.”

More information about how AI is changing the telco landscape and supporting digital telco strategies is available here. Operators can also request a demo here.

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