CloudZib Digital Explains Why SEO is Difficult to Get Right

Any business owner or senior executive would be forgiven for wondering why SEO is such a challenge and why it seems so hard to place in the top three places in a Google organic search. According to a digital marketing agency in Auckland, Zib Digital, the majority of digital agencies in

Additionally, Zib Digital explains that, during the early days of e-commerce, there were many businesses burnt by a digital marketing experience where funds invested had no correlation to results achieved. The challenge with SEO is that it is increasingly competitive and requires a specialist who is focused on the strategy every week. By contrast, Adwords and Facebook fit more neatly into a “set-and-forget” strategy.

The statistics speak for themselves though. According to Hubspot, 92% of global searches for products and services start on Google, with 65% of clicks going to websites in the top three places. Only 28% of people now click on Google AdWords.

Zib Digital says that, unfortunately, SEO Auckland-wide is plagued with imposters that claim to optimise websites and attempt to apply a “set-and-forget” strategy that just doesn’t work.

As the top SEO company in Auckland, Zib Digital advises that when SEO is done correctly, it represents the most profitable marketing investment to grow a business.

When it comes to SEO, Zib Digital says outsourcing to external digital specialists with large SEO teams is a key factor driving success for SMEs and large corporates. SEO has a number of different specialities within it that are simply not possible to contain within one person.

According to Zib Digital, SEO also isn’t right for every business. It rewards “intent-based searches” when people are less in browse mode. A key area they assess for clients is the volume of searches an SEO strategy is aiming at to determine if the conversion rate makes sense.

When it comes to digital marketing in Auckland, Zib Digital has a large team of SEO specialists and consistently achieves strong results for clients, placing them in the top three on Google organic rankings.

both Australia and New Zealand focus on AdWords and Facebook, so SEO is often an afterthought.


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