Artificial IntelligenceYiren Digital’s AI-powered Intelligent Customer Service Wins ‘Outstanding Solution’ Award at Data Modeling Algorithm Competition

Yiren Digital Ltd. (NYSE: YRD), an AI-powered platform providing a comprehensive suite of financial and lifestyle services in China, proudly announces that its AI-driven Intelligent Customer Service has received the “Outstanding Solution” Award at the “Technology Industry Financial Integration” Data Modeling Algorithm Competition. This prestigious event is hosted by leading institutions that include the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province as well as 19 major national financial entities, with support from the Financial Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The competition, one of the most influential in China’s industry, featured a judging panel composed of renowned experts and industry professionals who set high standards for technical proficiency, innovation, and product capabilities, ensuring a fair and professional evaluation process. After a nine-month evaluation, Yiren Digital’s solution emerged as the standout among 124 national finalists. Other notable recipients of this award include the Bank of China, China Everbright Bank, China Mobile Communications Group, and China Construction Bank Financial Technology Co., Ltd.

Yiren Digital’s AI-powered Intelligent Customer Service integrates cutting-edge technologies, including large language models (LLMs), automatic speech recognition (ASR), language model inference, and speech synthesis. This sophisticated system provides precise, comprehensive, and personalized service experiences by leveraging deep learning analysis and advanced knowledge reasoning through vector databases. Its adaptability to complex service scenarios, autonomous understanding of business requirements, and ability to adjust response strategies distinguish it from traditional customer service solutions. The technology has been successfully deployed across various areas, including consumer finance, risk assessment, and corporate training.

Yiren Digital is committed to advancing the role of AI-driven technology in financial services. The company continually enhances its proprietary “Model Factory,” an integration of efficient model parallel processing frameworks that support the AI Smart Customer Service throughout its entire lifecycle, from dataset labeling and detection to model training, evaluation, and deployment. This integration significantly reduces computational resource consumption during the training and inference phases, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

Looking ahead, Yiren Digital is committed to pushing the boundaries of AI modeling to enhance digital capabilities and operational efficiency, ultimately enriching customer experiences. Moreover, the company aims to lead AI’s practical application in key sectors such as Fintech, fostering competitive advantages and advancing industry growth.


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