HealthcareXRP Healthcare Stops XRP to XRPH Swap Facility, Ensuring Token Scarcity on June 7th

XRP Healthcare, a pioneering company at the intersection of blockchain and healthcare, has announced a strategic move to halt its XRP to XRPH token swap facility come June 7th, 2024, or as soon as its allocated XRPH Swap facility tokens have been depleted. This decision comes in response to the unprecedented demand for its XRPH tokens, underscoring the importance of preserving the finite supply for its existing exchange platforms and the revolutionary XRP Healthcare Prescription Savings Card App available Google Play and Apple Store where it can be used in up to 68,000 pharmacies such as Walmarts, CVS and Walgreens for up to 80% savings off prescriptions and medications in return for $1.00 of XRPH tokens each time the card is used.

With a fixed total supply of just 100 million XRPH tokens and the issuing account blackholed to prevent any future issuance, XRP Healthcare is committed to maintaining the scarcity of its tokens. A Blackholed issuing account means that no additional tokens can ever be created, ensuring the total supply remains constant. This is in stark contrast to centralized financial systems, where governments and central banks can print more fiat money at will. Examples include the Federal Reserve in the United States and the European Central Bank, both of which have engaged in significant monetary expansion in recent years – Over time, this increase in fiat money supply can lead to inflation, diminishing the value of the currency.

“Halting the swap facility is a crucial step in ensuring the long-term integrity and scarcity of XRPH tokens,” said Kain Roomes, CEO and Founder of XRP Healthcare. “By Blackholing the issuing account, we are aligning with the best practices in the cryptocurrency space to maintain the value of our tokens for our consumers.”

Scarcity has long been a fundamental principle in the crypto world. A prime example is Bitcoin, which undergoes a “halving” event approximately every four years. The most recent halving took place in April 2024, reducing the reward for mining new blocks by half. This process inherently limits the supply of new Bitcoins, contributing to its status as “digital gold” and often leading to significant price appreciation post-halving.

“By halting the swap facility, we are taking a proactive approach to managing our token supply, much like the mechanisms seen in successful cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum,” said Laban Roomes, Business Development Officer at XRP Healthcare. “This ensures our consumers benefit from a finite supply of XRPH tokens which day by day are becoming increasingly scarce”.

XRP Healthcare has also made significant strides recently, with the XRPH token rising from a CoinMarketCap position of over 3500 to its current position of around 1400.

Adding further to the trust and transparency the XRPH token supply is verified on CoinMarketCap (CMC), and operates as a validator node on the XRPL.

Furthermore, the company’s expansion plans in Uganda and the wider African region are well underway. This includes the successful registration of its Trademark in Uganda, a necessary requirement to brand private healthcare acquisitions of pharmacies, medical centres and hospitals with its logo – along with its commitment to be self-autonomous, and to not rely on any third parties.

XRP Healthcare is raising its own funds to begin the mergers and acquisitions of private healthcare facilities in the region.

The company has also appointed Uganda-born Peter Waiswa, an advisor to UNICEF, WHO, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to their advisory board. XRP Healthcare appears to be completely focused on potentially disrupting and impacting the African healthcare system.

“In a market where the scarcity of digital assets is a critical component of their appeal, our initiative demonstrates a proactive stance in safeguarding the integrity and worth of XRPH tokens,” added Whitney Lynn, Chairman of XRP Healthcare. “This move not only responds to current market dynamics but also positions XRPH as a valuable and sought-after token in the burgeoning field of blockchain-based healthcare solutions.”


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