BiotechnologyWolfer Finance Launches a Token Sale on Akemona for a Greener Bitcoin

Akemona, a leading funding portal and asset tokenization platform, announces the Wolfer Finance Corporation token sale launch on the Akemona portal. For more information about the Wolfer Finance offering, please visit The offering is open to the public.

Wolfer Finance Corporation, established in 2022, is selling shares represented by digital security tokens to raise funds for capital investment. These funds will support the expansion of current business operations and diversification into new ventures. The tokens represent ownership in Wolfer Finance and are recorded on the Polygon blockchain, ensuring transparency and security. This innovative approach to fundraising leverages blockchain technology to provide investors worldwide with a new way to participate in the company’s growth.

A Proven Track Record

Wolfer Finance has a strong history of building validation networks for blockchains. Its master and validator nodes consistently generate income by validating transactions and storing blockchain data for prominent networks such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom Opera Network, and FLUX. Drew Wolfer, the CEO of Wolfer Finance, highlighted the company’s strength and resilience: “Wolfer Finance survived the FTX crash and a two-year bear market. Our blockchain validator nodes continued generating income every day during these financial crises. We weathered the storm with our portfolio intact, and we believe the future is bright for the company.”

Innovative Solutions in Digital Asset Transactions and Security

Wolfer Finance also owns and manages PreSend, Inc., a software development company focused on enhancing cryptocurrency transaction security. PreSend offers a unique, patent-pending software extension that runs prechecks before every cryptocurrency transaction in your wallet. If the checks pass, you approve the transaction in your wallet. If the checks fail, PreSend stops the transaction, preventing the potential loss of digital assets. As a non-custodial solution, PreSend does not have access to or control of users’ funds. Users have to approve all transactions from their wallets. This solution addresses the interoperability blackhole that causes millions of dollars in losses due to incompatibilities between wallets and blockchains. Drew Wolfer stated, “PreSend has two pending patents—one for our proprietary cross-blockchain transaction security software and another for blockchain test transactions. We filed our provisional patent in June of 2022, before any wallets or platforms were using any security technology, so PreSend could be the first to market this patented solution if our patents are issued.”

Future Expansion and Diversification

Looking ahead, Wolfer Finance plans to expand and diversify into cryptocurrency mining, targeting Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin using flare gas technology. Flare gas, typically burned off during oil and gas production, can be converted into electricity. This approach provides a cost-effective energy source for cryptocurrency mining and reduces the environmental impact. Drew Wolfer explained, “Cryptocurrency mining requires substantial electricity. Wolfer Finance aims to tap into a previously wasted energy source by converting flare gas into electricity. This lower cost of electricity directly translates into reduced operational costs for cryptocurrency mining operations and reduces the carbon footprint at the same time.” Wolfer Finance is also looking into real-world asset classes like real estate development and oil production and is performing due diligence and contract negotiations for both real-world asset business models.


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