InsightsWhy do B2B marketing professionals prefer LinkedIn over other channels?

The B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends studies reported that 93% of the most successful B2B marketers believed that their organizations are extremely committed to content marketing compared to just 35% of the least successful. Unique benefits of LinkedIn that are not obtainable through other channels-

Building Personas For B2B

All marketers’ concern is to reach the right audience, and this is what LinkedIn does the same by creating personas that are sets of attributes tending to be shared by the respective customers, narrowing the scope of the campaigns, and ensuring each engagement is counted.

  • Layer targeting for Best reach

If the selection of prospects is advised to layer with targeting under parameters to reach the right audience with minimum efforts such as marketers can target ads for job function, seniority that would drill down to those key decision-makers that marketers want to engage. The job skills can be layered into the targeting scope to capture those specific professionals that fall into their wheelhouse. With the help of LinkedIn’s extensive feature that offers tons of flexibility for mixing and matching, a campaign can be made reaching the estimated success.

  • How matched audiences assist with lead generation?

LinkedIn can be a platform to form lead generation efforts in finding an ideal audience and matched audiences can be the most powerful features that can be used in varied ways to reach highly valuable prospects:

  1. Website Re-targeting serves ads to LinkedIn members right after they have demonstrated interest by visiting your website.
  2. Target accounts by uploading a list of targeted companies to match against the available LinkedIn pages for a strategic account-based marketing approach.
  3. Upgrade the existing contact lists and market to them via LinkedIn ads.


Gaining Resonance with the Buying Committee

In the current scenario, B2B marketers and sellers have to broaden their approaching efforts and must target not just individuals within an organization but the whole company because of the numerous stakeholders and departments that are routinely involved with purchase decisions that increase levels of churn reciting the no long key contact.

The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions research revealed that the B2B buying decisions are influenced by no. of departments such as IT, Finance, Business Development, Accounting, and Operations. B2B lead generation campaigns are required to focus on accessing varied parts of the organization done ideally with customizing messages to resonate specifically with these functions. The B2B leaders always make proposals that convince each member of the organization whether the person is the Vice president or a clerk in the organization.


Content Creation for B2B Lead Generation
  • Generating Lead with Thought Leadership

Content of the thought leadership assists in driving strategic brand awareness, affecting lead generation by executing effectively as it considers the importance to those varied decision-makers and influencers. As per the sources, 74% of buyers opt for the company that adds value during the purchase journey first. Serving all these needs to the B2B marketers LinkedIn becomes the no.1 choice for them to reach all the required goals.

  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Thought Leadership

Marketing Leaders expect professional social networks they look for the brands that help them in improving, being professional, making business decisions, and gaining advice/ recommendations. Brian Solis believes that it’s all about setting an example and instilling it throughout the organization’s culture. Social media engagements play a crucial role in driving potential prospects to the sales funnel. The sources submitted that only 20% of content creators consider thought leadership content helps them close and win deals but 45% of business decision-makers and 49% of C-suited executives agreed that this type of content has directly made them reach the business with a company.

  • Measuring Thought Leadership ROI

Every lead generation campaign’s ultimate is to reach the target audience by setting up specific objectives and measuring against them with three pillars-

  1. Reputation
  2. Relationships
  3. Revenue

These goals can be achieved with four-step approaches:

  1. Determining who or what you are benchmarking against.
  2. Defining Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs) that are meaningful to the business.
  3. Tracking and analyzing the selected KPIs
  4. Conducting regular surveys of key influencers to figure out the impact of business thought leadership.
  5. Mapping Lead Generation Content Across the Funnel

LinkedIn is the most preferable targeting filter used to match audiences to segment an employee’s business’s audience by stage in the funnel and align content accordingly. The website can be re-target to serve up additional product info or promote a free trial through LinkedIn.

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