CloudVonage Introduces Video Express to Help Businesses Quickly and Simply Deliver Flexible, Personalised, and Quality Video Experiences for Large Audiences

Vonage (Nasdaq: VG), a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has launched Vonage Video Express to make it easier and faster for developers to leverage the Vonage Video API for multiparty calls. Vonage Video Express truly democratizes video and makes every web developer a video developer. Instead of taking days, weeks, or even months to integrate video into an application, a developer is now able to integrate video within hours with just a few lines of code.

Multiparty video calls involve multiple participants sharing their audio and video streams while simultaneously subscribing to participants’ streams. Vonage Video Express provides support for simplified and optimised Video API usage, including automatic management of rooms, participants, layout, quality and experience.

Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, video meetings often connected a single person or team to another person or team. When virtually every business around the world shifted overnight to remote delivery of services and work from home models, the volume of employees signing in individually, with their unique network connections and devices, presented challenges in scalability and flexibility for existing customer applications leveraging video. With Video Express, Vonage is making it simpler for businesses who want to build best-in-class video experiences for multiple participants, but don’t have the skill level or resources required in-house to implement customisation or manage the quality without additional support and tools.

“The pandemic has ushered in a new era for video communications, with consumers, students, patients, and employees now appreciating the value of this medium,” said Courtney Munroe, Vice President, Worldwide Telecommunications at IDC. “As we shift into a post-pandemic reality, organisations will need to continue to reinvent themselves by enhancing their customer journeys with innovative digital features. Video communications is showing tremendous growth and expansion, with healthcare, education, events, and business services leading the way with complex multiparty video experiences.”

“In order to meet customer demand post-pandemic, businesses will need to reinvent how they connect with customers and employees through large-scale video experiences. The Vonage team has seen first-hand how developers face the same challenges over and over when trying to bring more people into the room without sacrificing quality, so we were inspired to do what we can to make multiparty video less complicated for customers using our Video API,” said Savinay Berry, EVP, Product and Engineering, Vonage. “Our goal is to democratize video. Every web developer should also be able to easily integrate video without knowing the configurations required for bit-rates, resolution, and bandwidth.”

Vonage Video Express—currently in beta—will help Vonage customers across all industries get to market quicker with slicker branded experiences, while controlling their video-related costs and without compromising on quality and scalability:

  • Telehealth – Healthcare platforms are now offering their practitioners a variety of multiparty telehealth options, including expert consultations connecting patients, medical experts, and the patient’s family remotely to expedite decision making, and even group therapy sessions that remove technology barriers and create spaces for the open exchange of ideas.
  • Education – In the online education space, multiparty video is being deployed to improve tasks from classrooms to school-to-home communications to remote exam administration and hiring of talent.
  • Events and Entertainment – Companies innovating in the online events space have been one of the fastest growing sectors during COVID, building interactive stages and broadcasting to millions over video via social channels.

Learn more about how the Vonage Communications Platform enables businesses to create customer and employee connections that are more flexible, intelligent and personal – across industries and across the globe.

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