CloudVOGSY Announces G Suite Add-on For Gmail

VOGSY, the professional services automation solution built on Google Cloud, announced the release of its new G Suite Add-on for Gmail that brings key project insights, task management and team collaboration into Gmail for services businesses. The Add-on, the latest milestone in VOGSY’s partnership with Google Cloud, drives new efficiencies by enabling executives, managers and project teams to make critical business decisions and activate workflows directly from their inboxes in response to client emails.

The release extends VOGSY’s collaborative capabilities leveraging G Suite’s intuitive productivity tools, creating more streamlined processes for distributed teams. VOGSY has partnered with G Suite from its inception to transform services businesses’ quote-to-cash operations. With the introduction of the G Suite Add-on, VOGSY customers benefit from quicker, more productive workflows and avoid long, confusing email chains that slow production when a client emails.

“From the user’s perspective, we are edging ever closer to what you might call a G Suite ERP system,” said Mark van Leeuwen, CEO of VOGSY. “As we grow with G Suite, we help our users become more agile in serving their clients by maximizing the collaborative power of G Suite.”

“We’re delighted to see this example of how our Add-on technology powers business processes from within Gmail,” said Jon Harmer, Product Manager of Gmail. “More companies today are integrating technologies that connect previously isolated processes, departments and applications in the digital work environment. Making this environment as seamless as possible is key in nurturing optimal customer experiences, eliminating invisible cracks in the workflow that hinder follow-through.”

Coming at a time when remote work increases the need for more interconnected business solutions, VOGSY’s G Suite Add-on is the next phase of VOGSY’s plan to further integrate more complete workflows with Gmail, creating one streamlined work experience for users.

The G Suite Add-on is available to VOGSY customers now. Learn more about its benefits here.


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