Artificial IntelligenceValeo Takes the Driver’s Seat on Generative AI with Google Cloud

Valeo, a world leader in mobility technologies, today announced an expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud to develop new generative AI tools and solutions. Together, the two companies will work on cloud-based best practices and innovations, aiming to address the customer’s specific challenges with greater efficiency and nuance.

Beyond boosting productivity
The use of Google Cloud’s gen AI solutions will help enable Valeo teams to speed up and simplify every facet of the digital innovation process within the company, with the potential for not just more responsive product development, but also end-to-end efficiency gains throughout its operations. For example, Valeo plans to add Google Cloud’s AI solutions to the toolbox its software developer teams use to create, fix, optimize, and test code, so that it can be done faster and more productively. Valeo will also expand its use of Google Cloud’s gen AI capabilities to increase efficiency and insight across its entire software engineering lifecycle—from requirements analysis, to architecture design, to test case generation.

Other areas of collaboration between the two companies will include deploying gen AI tools to support higher productivity in vehicle design, production, and equipment integration, as well as quality assurance and customer service. As part of the agreement, Valeo will also use new gen AI tools developed by Google Cloud with its customers in the automotive industry, sharing useful feedback to optimize the solutions.

Finally, under the expanded agreement, Valeo will gain early access to Google Cloud’s latest generative AI technologies, allowing it to embed generative AI faster and more seamlessly into its software engineering processes.

Extending an historical partnership
Already a partner of Google Cloud for its infrastructure, data, and collaboration offerings, Valeo conducted a hackathon in 2023 on gen AI use cases among its employees  with the support of Google Cloud. The hackathon uncovered  numerous new use cases for Google Cloud’s gen AI technology across engineering, project management, knowledge management, and industrial maintenance.

“Generative AI has the potential to refine and upgrade every aspect of the automotive digital value chain, but only if it can absorb the standards, regulations, technical language, and other contextual factors that each company faces,” said Geoffrey Bouquot, EVP Strategy and CTO, Valeo. “At Valeo, we are looking forward to bringing together our deep understanding of the challenges of the automotive industry and Google Cloud’s generative AI tools and expertise. Together, we will play an essential role in how we make generative AI as relevant, secure, and productive as possible to support Valeo’s growth.”

“Generative AI solutions tailored to specific companies’ context offer immense potential to transform them at speed,” said Isabelle Fraine, Managing Director, Google Cloud in France. “Valeo is an innovation leader in the automotive industry and has clearly determined new models and sources of productivity with generative AI. We look forward to seeing the added value and relevance for the company that our joint technological and industrial forces will bring.”


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