Blockchain TechnologyUS-based Global Journals publishes Reltime’s innovation on the use of 5G Handsets as Nodes in Layer-1 Blockchain

In June 2023, Reltime shared information (LINK) about its groundbreaking initiative of integrating the computing power of 5G handsets (as node validators) in its Layer-1 Blockchain, opening new frontiers for decentralized applications. This initiative received a major boost in December 2023 when the Research Council of Norway recognized its value and extended a significant funding support (LINK).

Reltime is pleased to announce that this innovation initiative has been recognised by Massachusetts based Global Journals, which has published this research work (LINK), authored by Frode van der Laak, CTO & Co-Founder of Reltime.

Global Journals Inc. offers research papers, authentic surveys, and review papers by researchers from various fields and facilitates communication between distinguished individuals who have significantly contributed to the development of the research community. The content includes original research and innovative applications from all streams of knowledge, including science, business, medicine, technology, and sociology, and thus promotes better insights into the state of philosophy and the latest trends in technology. Global Journals’ publications are subjected to a rigorous evaluation with an exceptional review process from its Editorial Board.

Commenting on this development, Frode van der Laak said,

“We are at the brink of a new era in technology where the convergence of Identity, 5G technology and blockchain is redefining the next generation in blockchain application. Our initiative to integrate 5G handsets as nodes in Reltime’s Layer-1 Blockchain is more than just an innovation, it’s a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We believe this will unlock a myriad of opportunities for decentralized applications, providing the speed, security, and scalability needed to meet the demands of the future. For Telecom operators, it opens huge opportunities to exploit Blockchain and mobile applications. At Reltime, we’re not just keeping pace with technology, we are setting its pace for the future.”

Reltime’s cutting-edge integration, once completed, will deliver unprecedented speed, security, and efficiency, driving significant synergies between blockchain and 5G handsets and telecommunications technologies. By building these new capabilities, Reltime is not only enhancing user experience but also paving the way for innovative business models and applications in the Web3 domain, especially Telecom operators. The company has already filed for multiple patents on its latest innovation.


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