NetworkingUROS eSIM connectivity enables always connected experience for OnLogic Industrial and Rugged Computers

UROS, the global connectivity and IoT solution provider, is supplying the eSIM solution for OnLogic’s line of Industrial and Rugged computers, including the latest additions to their advanced Helix and Karbon Series, which will begin shipping to business customers in Q3 2021.

OnLogic, known for their highly-configurable, solution-focused computers engineered for reliability at the IoT edge, chose the UROS Connect eSIM solution because of its ability to support an easy and seamless activation of mobile subscriptions for users of their 4G-enabled systems. Users will be able to purchase cellular data from the device itself.

UROS Connect eSIM functionality enables a single physical SIM card to be inserted into OnLogic computers to provide connectivity across multiple international regions, which reduces logistics complexities and selects the best connectivity option depending on which part of the world the computer is used in.

OnLogic computers with the UROS eSIM solution connect to the internet without the need for WiFi or tethering. This makes them exceptionally easy to use, reliable and secure. Setting the connection up also requires very little effort and limited technical expertise.

“We are thrilled to work with OnLogic to enable industrial PCs with eSIM connectivity, and we see a lot of demand for these solutions as we talk about different industry 4.0 applications and global connectivity”, says Jan LattunenUROS CCO and President for Americas.

“The UROS global eSIM technology will provide a valuable connectivity option for our customers, particularly those who use, ship or sell our systems globally. The UROS eSIM technology provides visibility into international data usage through their intuitive dashboard and really cuts down on the complexity in enabling global cellular connectivity. We’re excited to offer our Industrial and Rugged computers with UROS eSIM capabilities to provide a highly versatile, easy to use connectivity solution”, says Maxx Garrison, OnLogic Product Manager.


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