Artificial IntelligenceTuya Smart Leads Industry Innovation with Groundbreaking Generative AI Integration

On May 29, 2024Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a leading global cloud platform service provider, hosted the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit in Futian, Shenzhen. The summit featured a collaboration with industry leaders through a series of themed forums. The main forum was structured into two sessions, the first focusing on “GenAI+IoT: Driving Smarter Spaces,” which emphasized the integration of emerging technologies like GenAI with smart devices to foster a low-carbon and intelligent living environment, thereby paving the way for a more sustainable future.

The forum attracted esteemed participants such as Zoltán Karászi, Managing Director of TAM Cert; Dr. Yaxiao Liu, CTO of AWS GCR; Kaixin Lin, Consultant for the Climate and Environment Programme at the United Nations Global Compact; Leo Chen, Co-Chairman and President of Tuya SmartEva Na, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation and CMO of Tuya Smart; Mengrou Deng, Developer Platform Product Head; and Will Yu, Chief AI Scientist and Head of Tuya Smart’s AI Algorithm Research Center. Together, they delved into the innovative applications of GenAI and the practical implementations of sustainable development.

Alongside the rise of large language models and the accelerating singularity in AI development, various industries are undergoing a technological revolution. As a trailblazer in smart technology, Tuya Smart is actively integrating GenAI and achieving significant progress in intelligent device experiences and AI spatial scenarios. This progress is rapidly propelling advancements in device smartization, spatial smartization, and intelligent solutions, offering customers and users cutting-edge GenAI product value. During the main forum, Tuya Smart shared and elaborated on its latest technological advancements.

At the commencement of the summit, Leo Chen, Co-Chairman and President of Tuya Smart, delivered opening remarks. He stated, “The industrial revolution spurred by technological advancements is profoundly transforming the industry’s landscape and fostering novel business prospects. Generative AI’s catalytic effects are poised to unleash a plethora of innovative product experiences, application scenarios, and business models. As a pioneer and advocate of intelligent industry, Tuya is wholeheartedly embracing cutting-edge technologies, including generative AI, with a dedication to streamlining research and development processes for global developers, elevating product smartness, and fostering innovative AI applications across a diversity of industries. We remain committed to offering comprehensive intelligent solutions and robust platform support to global developers.”

In recognition of its remarkable achievements in data protection, Zoltán Karászi, the Managing Director of TAM Cert, granted TUYA GmbH the Europrivacy GDPR certification. This certification, as the sole data protection seal authorized for use across the European Union, is endorsed by the European Commission of Data Protection and aligns with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation. This attestation validates that, as outlined in Article 42 of the GDPR, TUYA GmbH’s certified data processing operations adhere to the necessary requirements in all EU nations. Notably, TUYA GmbH is the first enterprise globally to receive this certification since the inception of the Europrivacy GDPR certification scheme, which grants the only data protection seal that is valid across all EU countries.

Subsequently, in a thorough exploration of Tuya’s AI capabilities, Mengrou Deng delivered a captivating speech titled “AI-Led Exploration: A New Future”. In her speech, Deng, the Developer Platform Product Head, emphasized that “Tuya, an open and neutral cloud developer platform, remains steadfast in its commitment to providing innovative, low-threshold solutions, software applications, and intelligent products to developers worldwide. With the aid of GenAI technology, our cloud developer platform has undergone a significant upgrade, introducing developer AI agents, AppAI smart home models, AI consumer insights, and AI entity development platforms that can interact with smart devices. These advancements have not only bolstered our product capabilities but have also brought an unparalleled intelligent, convenient, and streamlined development experience to developers globally.”

Will Yu, Chief AI Scientist and Head of Tuya Smart’s AI Algorithm Research Center, presented his expert perspective on AI large language models in a speech titled “Cube Cloud & Space Model”. Yu stated, “The emergence of scene-specific smart models is a pivotal breakthrough for enterprises to integrate large language models and drive application innovation. Recognizing this trend, Tuya has unveiled its first AI large language model, Cube AI. By harnessing the power of this model, Tuya enables developers to create intelligent solutions such as energy-efficient buildings and enhanced life safety. Furthermore, leveraging Tuya’s Cube Cloud product matrix, we can help global developers to establish their own private smart management platforms that will enable them to efficiently address challenges such as unified management in enterprise layouts and mismatched project progress. This, in turn, will propel enterprises towards more flexible and tailored industry scenario applications.”

Dr. Yaxiao Liu, CTO of AWS GCR, spoke about the topic “AI Empowerment: Ushering in a New Era of IoT.” He stated, “In the current landscape, GenAI technology is advancing rapidly. For enterprises, GenAI not only reduces the cost of AI innovation but also significantly expands the boundaries of possibility. The seamless integration of GenAI and IoT technology promises to enhance customers’ intelligent experience and strengthen device network capabilities. It is clear that harnessing GenAI to drive application innovation will become a dominant trend in the future. AWS and Tuya will collaborate to empower enterprises in IoT industry for developing their own GenAI applications, thus accelerating their foray into the promising realm of intelligent IoT.”

As intelligent technologies like AI, IoT, and cloud computing continue to evolve, social productivity has experienced a significant improvement. While economic gains are crucial, societal benefits are equally as important. Especially under the commitments of the “dual carbon” target, enterprises must aspire towards long-term sustainable development, simultaneously embracing ESG principles and fostering a more intelligent, green, and user-friendly business environment.

Eva Na, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation and CMO of Tuya Smart, outlined the roadmap for global sustainable development for developers worldwide, urging them to become active contributors to ESG practices. She emphasized, “The essence of ESG is the alignment and synchronization of social values and commercial values, which fosters a mutual enhancement of both in various aspects of enterprise operations. In order to enable developers globally to achieve sustainable development with minimal obstacles, Tuya remains committed to refining and advancing cutting-edge technologies and solutions like GenAI, ensuring intelligence is integrated into every scenario. Looking ahead, Tuya will adhere steadfastly to its founding principles, forge deep ties with all stakeholders in sustainable development, and collaborate to accelerate the creation of a greener, more user-friendly, and more intelligent world.”

Kaixin Lin, Consultant for the Climate and Environment Programme at the United Nations Global Compact, remarked, “The ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact span the domains of environment, human rights, labor, and anti-corruption. Over time, these principles have evolved into sustainable development and ESG standards across various sectors, encompassing net-zero initiatives and corporate objectives. As ESG concepts continue to gain traction after two decades of usage, we encourage more participants to harness the power of business for good, persist in executing innovative, inclusive, and green endeavors, and implement responsible business strategies.”

At the summit, Eva Na, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation, and CMO of Tuya Smart, collaborated with key figures from various organizations, including Kaixin Lin, Consultant for the Climate and Environment Programme at the United Nations Global Compact, Qian Wang, Deputy Director of the New Energy and Low Carbon Development Research Center of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, Zigao Zhao, Deputy Editor in Chief of Energy Magazine, Xudong Liu, General Manager of Ascendas One Hub GKC of Kaide Investment (China), Tiangang Qin, Director of Lenovo Group, Weiwei Xie, Vice President and General Manager of the New Energy Division of the Goneo Group, Martin Li, Ph.D, Deputy General Manager of ESS BU of Geely Viridi Energy Mobility Technology, and Dr. Yaxiao Liu, CTO of AWS GCR. Their joint efforts focused on addressing critical ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues. Through the Sustainable Joint Initiative Ceremony, these leaders demonstrated their commitment to green and low-carbon development, and pledged to actively work towards sustainable development and zero carbon emissions goals.

With the conclusion of the first half of the summit, Tuya highlighted its innovative capabilities and strategic vision in the GenAI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) field. Over the course of several presentations on various themes, Tuya showcased intelligent solutions and products that aim to guide the industry towards a smarter, more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. As the AI era advances, Tuya remains dedicated to exploring the boundless potential of intelligent technology alongside global developers.


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