CloudTobii launches Glasses Explore – making human behavioral insights more accessible

Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing, is today launching Glasses Explore; a cloud-based software for analyzing human awareness, designed for ease of use with the ambition to make working with human behavioral insights more accessible.

The Glasses Explore software, paired with Tobii Pro Glasses 3, enables anyone to unpack the nuances of human awareness – what we pay attention to, what we don’t, and why. Designed for immediate and easy insights into training, human performance and UX, the pairing allows users to capture first-person perspectives in real-world contexts to help build better user experiences, streamline training processes, and elevate sports coaching techniques. All in an intuitive format that promotes repetitive use and lowers the threshold for making human behavioral insights a natural part of training and UX-design.

“Behavioral insights shouldn’t require hours of expert analysis. With the Glasses Explore software, anyone can put themselves in the shoes of real people in real scenarios, using point of view gaze recordings to clearly expose challenges in training, efficiency, and UX design”, said Gunnar Troili, Senior Vice President for Products & Solutions at Tobii. “With Glasses Explore, the depth of research is up to you. Through our user-friendly interface, anyone can learn to find patterns, interpret gaze data, and share insights efficiently without any preexisting experience from working with other human behavioral insights software.”

The Glasses Explore software is designed to analyze data captured with Tobii’s wearable eye tracker, Tobii Pro Glasses 3, and Glasses Explore comes free for one year with a purchase of the Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Glasses Explore can also be purchased individually as a subscription-based software.


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