SecurityTinder Announces ID Verification Is Expanding To Users In The US, UK, Brazil & Mexico

Today Tinder announces it will be expanding the ID Verification option to users in the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico, which serves as an additional step for users to help confirm the authenticity of profiles, focusing on date of birth and likeness. To help users confirm the authenticity of profiles, Tinder plans to make this feature available in the US and Mexico by summer and in the UK and Brazil by spring.

The enhanced process requires a video selfie and a valid Driver’s Licence or Passport, and will check to see whether the face in the video selfie matches both the photo on the ID as well as the person’s profile photos. It will also check the date of birth on the ID. This can be done on the user’s Profile page.

“People want to feel safe and confident when connecting and communicating with their matches, and we applaud Tinder for giving users this additional option to help confirm their match is the person in their profile,” said Pamela Zaballa, CEO of NO MORE

Users who only complete Photo Verification will now receive a blue camera icon badge and users who only complete the ID Verification will receive a blue ID icon badge. Users who complete both ID + Photo Verification will receive the blue checkmark.

Last fall, Tinder piloted this feature in Australia and New Zealand and users who completed the ID Verification option saw a 67% increase in matches than those not verified.

“We believe ID Verification is an important tool users can adopt to help prove they are the person in their photos as well as help provide some peace of mind when deciding to meet someone off the app,” said Ted Bunch, Chief Development Officer, A Call To Men. “By giving this option to more users, Tinder is giving users more choice and options in how they connect and ultimately feel safer when exploring new connections.”


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