Artificial IntelligenceTimekettle Pushes Boundaries at AI Expo Tokyo, Showcasing Products and Solutions for Cross-Language Communication

Timekettle, a fast-growing cross-language communication solutions innovator, is showcasing its full range of products and solutions at the AI Expo Tokyo held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 22-24. The three-day event, which is considered the largest trade show in Japan for AI technology companies, aims to introduce the latest advancements in AI to various industries.

On the first day of the Expo, Timekettle was invited to participate in China & Japan AI Technology Innovation Forum as one of the leading companies in AI innovation. This event was organized by the Nanjing Chi-Lin Technology Innovation Park. Notable guest speakers included Mr. Zhu Xuehua, the Minister-Counselor of the Science and Technology Section at the Chinese Embassy in Japan, and Mr. Masato Yasuda, the Executive Managing Director of the Japanese Association for the Promotion of International Trade (JAPIT). The event underscored the significant interest and acknowledgment from the Chinese and Japanese governments and the AI industry towards companies like Timekettle, which are making strides in AI technology innovation.

Timekettle’s booth at the Expo spotlights the X1 AI Interpreter Hub, an award-winning device that simplifies conversations with its included earbuds, eliminating the need for apps or complex setups. Users can start talking immediately by sharing the earbuds, enjoying a hands-free experience thanks to its speech detection. The X1’s unique capability to support real-time cross-language calls and meetings for up to 20 people across five languages has gained it great attention from the visitors, including Mr. Masato Yasuda (mentioned above).

In addition, Timekettle is proud to demonstrate, face-to-face to the audience for the first time, its most recent software update – the AI Translation Lab.  A milestone of Timekettle’s efforts towards advancing AI capability, the Lab embodies features such as human-like voice, the Custom Lexicon, and the AI Character.

Timekettle also showcases its full line-up of products at the Expo. This includes the WT2 Edge earbuds, which offers real-time translation in 40 languages and 93 accents, covering 85% of the world’s population. In addition, the M3, Fluentalk T1 and ZERO Translator are also in display, underscoring the brand’s dedication to breaking down language barriers with products suitable in different scenarios.


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