CloudTIM Brasil Selects Oracle and Microsoft to Migrate All of its Datacenter Workloads to the Cloud

TIM Brasil, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Brazil with more than 61 million customers, today said that it has selected Oracle and Microsoft to migrate all of its on-premises workloads to the cloud. TIM Brasil is one of the first telecommunications companies in the country to move 100 percent of its workloads to the cloud.  As part of its multi-faceted modernization project, TIM Brasil will use Oracle and Microsoft clouds to improve customer support as well as billing, collection, and management applications.

As Covid-19 reshaped the way the world does business, TIM Brasil realized that it needed to accelerate its digital transformation, by verifying changes in consumer behavior to better meet evolving needs quickly and maintain its excellent standard of customer service. With the adoption of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Microsoft Azure, TIM Brasil is moving its mission-critical applications to the cloud, optimizing and simplifying management of its IT infrastructure, as well as improving scalability and agility to support changing business demands.

As part of this migration, TIM will use the Oracle-Microsoft Azure Interconnect in Brazil to leverage the best of both OCI and Microsoft Azure.  With the interconnect, TIM Brasil will run critical workloads on Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, Oracle Database Cloud Service and OCI’s Oracle Cloud VMware Service, while running SAP HANA and VDI workloads on Azure, with 40 Gbps connection and federated identity between the two clouds. TIM Brasil will migrate a combined 7,000 servers, 35K cores, 1.2K databases, and 15 petabytes of storage.

This project is part of TIM’s commitment to better environmental, social and governance practices. In addition to the new platform using renewable energy, migration to the cloud automatically reduces emissions directly associated with storing data in physical spaces, an important step towards the carrier’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.

“Our proposal is to take the customer’s experience to a new level with more efficiency and agility, and always with the highest levels of security. We are the first carrier to promote a change with this dimension, also anticipating initiatives related to governance and sustainability, within a larger project related to an ESG agenda across all of TIM’s operations. We are following the market movement and investing in areas such as Analytics and Digital, which are fundamental for the expansion of the company’s business; and we have partners that meet the highest levels of quality to highlight our pioneering spirit and reference for the Telecommunications sector,” said Pietro Labriola, CEO, TIM Brasil.

“This is a milestone for the market. Movements like this happen more frequently in large companies. We are extremely proud to have been chosen, together with Microsoft, to carry out this innovative project to migrate 100 percent of TIM data centers to the cloud. This will bring more innovation, agility and, without a doubt, better services for customers. We are going to create an even greater world of possibilities together,” said Rodrigo Galvão, managing director, Oracle Brazil.

“We were very proud to be chosen together with Oracle to conduct such an ambitious project. The migration of all TIM datacenters to the cloud will ensure security, scalability, simplification of IT infrastructure management and allow the operator to focus on constantly improving the experience of its customers. It also gives me great satisfaction to see Microsoft technology being used as a vector for sustainability, helping TIM in reducing the carbon emissions of its operations,” said Tânia Cosentino, general manager, Microsoft Brazil.


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