Press ReleaseThought Industries HELIUM Verified Partner Program Welcomes Developers and Designers Eager to Embrace ‘Headless’ LMS Future

Thought Industries, the leading enterprise learning platform for customer, partner and professional training, today announced a special partner program for commercial software developers and designers eager to create extensible and customized learning experiences on the new Ti Enterprise Learning Cloud featuring HELIUM, the industry’s first ‘headless’ architecture for learning management systems.

The HELIUM Verified Partner Program was announced today at COGNITION22, Thought Industries’ annual customer conference, and was featured as a key component of the company’s overall go-to-market strategy to make HELIUM software, and its rich design and customization capabilities, readily accessible to all customers and prospects.

Also announced today were the program’s inaugural HELIUM Verified Partners , including Bonsai Media Group, ELB Learning, Enable Education, GreenTea Group, Knowledge Synonyms and ServiceRocket.

HELIUM software, available immediately, enables Thought Industries customers to build and deploy virtually any type of learning experience with zero limits on content, scale, or user interface.  Customer and professional learning teams in collaboration with designers or developers, can now fully realize the learning vision that best meets the goals of their organization without limitation, or compromise.

As a ‘headless’ solution, HELIUM is foundational to addressing new content types and the widest variety of user interfaces, including web browsers, smartphones, car screens, home entertainment interfaces, industrial product interfaces, wearables, and virtual or augmented reality headsets and other hardware.

“Today, enterprises are focused on creating exceptional customer experiences that are connected and deliver on their promise.  This is what makes HELIUM so exciting,” said Bonsai founder and CEO, Jason LaBaw. “From the user interface and experience, to the ability to integrate into hundreds of third-party business applications, Helium provides unlimited possibilities for enterprises to unlock the power of their most significant assets.”

“Since no two learning problems are exactly alike, it’s long been a challenge for LMS providers to build user experiences that meet everyone in the middle,” said Ben Zimmer, CEO of Enable Education. “With HELIUM, Thought Industries now enables learning teams to design without limits.  Enable Education is thrilled to be a  Helium Verified  Partner. We’re eager to help Thought Industries customers design and build learning experiences they’ve previously only imagined.”

“One of the major shifts in L&D recently is the accelerated adoption of innovative solutions that boost the quality of the overall customer experience, while building greater customer trust,” said Sanjay Katiyar, CEO & COO of Knowledge Synonyms. “HELIUM, from Thought Industries, will make an important industry contribution in helping our company and others design and develop digital solutions with greater business impact. We are excited to join the community of  HELIUM Verified Partners.”

“As a digital design firm, our approach to almost everything is ‘less is more,’ except when it comes to innovative new technologies like HELIUM that let us push the boundaries to offer solutions our clients never thought possible,” said Karen Kwan, Co-Founder and Partner of Green Tea Group. “Green Tea is excited to be part of the HELIUM Verified Partner ecosystem. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate with a talented community of developers and designers to explore and maximize the full potential of HELIUM’s extensive capabilities.”

“At ELB Learning, we are strong believers in an open ecosystem,” said Mark Zides, Chief Commercial Officer, ELB Learning. “We look forward to giving clients even more integration options with the HELIUM headless LMS framework. This includes more ways to deliver VR content.”

“Thought Industries continues to push the boundaries for the future of learning. The open architecture of Helium allows everyone to build technically advanced solutions in a simple and modern way,” said Rob Castenada, CEO of ServiceRocket “Product owners have always imagined intimate and natural learning experiences for their customers and now even more so than ever, this can be realized.”

“The fastest-scaling software businesses know this – if a customer doesn’t learn, they churn. Directing people to a free-standing LMS is just one more thing to remember.  Learning professionals serving the B2C and B2B Software-as-a-Service market must meet busy learners where they are – or they risk losing them forever,” said Dave Derington, Director of Customer Education for ServiceRocket.  “With HELIUM, we’re now able to integrate creative new approaches into our technology stack that can address a learner’s moment of need – anywhere and any time.  And that is revolutionary.”

HELIUM Verified Partner Support

Thought Industries maintains a comprehensive developer site providing a one-stop, self-service destination where partners can learn everything about HELIUM, and gain access to documentation, code samples, and video tutorials. The HELIUM Developer site also provides access to a support community on Discord, where developer and design partners can ask questions and get answers from the Thought Industries HELIUM team and other like-minded HELIUM community members. The HELIUM developer site is live today and is accessible at


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