CloudThe 4th OrigiMed International Summit Held in Shanghai

Hosted by OrigiMed, the 4th OrigiMed International Summit was held in Shanghai under the guidance of the Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center and the Shanghai Biomedical Technology Development Center. Committed to better healthcare and higher quality of life, the event had the theme Promote Precision Medicine, Embrace the Hope of Life.

Many international experts in the precision medicine industry attended the summit online and shared their cutting-edge advances in the field. Among them were Professor Matthew Meyerson, a leader in cancer genomics and targeted therapy from Harvard Medical School and a founder of the cancer NGS company Foundation Medicine, Professor Gordon Freeman, a pioneer in immunotherapy from Harvard Medical School, Prof. Carlos L. Arteaga, Director of the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Prof. Tony Mok, Lung Cancer expert from the Department of Clinical Oncology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Prof. Milind Javle, gastrointestinal oncologist from the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

OrigiMed Signs Major Agreements with Partners

OrigiMed, AstraZeneca and Ping An Insurance announced their strategic alliance at the event, which involves cooperation on precision medicine development and investment in technology. Aiming to better satisfy the needs of cancer patients, the alliance will tap into the innovative platform of online medical care. By covering the complete process from examination, treatment, medication and payment, it will provide cancer patients with effective treatment and guaranteed access to medication. The introduction of online medical payment will deliver healthcare innovation to a larger population, making medical services and drugs more affordable to those in need. The precision medicine innovation alliance will accelerate industry integration, and provide patients with novel personalized solutions through integrated resources.

The OrigiMed Internet Hospital and Fudan Telepath Cloud also announced their strategic collaboration, a move to chart the course of shared resources and services based on “Internet + healthcare platform”. The package will cover pathological diagnosis, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), examination and clinical treatment, and translate into a streamlined clinical process with higher transparency. It will satisfy the need for precision medicine resources in China and make precision medicine services available to a large patient population across the country.

Big Data Fuel New Drug Development

During this Summit, OrigiMed launched four cutting edge NGS products, including OriMIRACLETMS (MRD Dynamic Monitoring), Hematologic cancer panel, OriHRD score (Homologous Recombination Deficiency score) and CUP AI Prediction (Cancer with Unknown Primary). OriMIRACLETMS makes OrigiMed step in a new era of cancer management by innovative technology. Meanwhile, OrigiMed has also introduced the OKAIN Knowledge Network and Genomic Data System which covers testing, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and clinical trial recruitment.

“As a company driven by advanced NGS technology and genomic data, OrigiMed focuses on precision medicines and it is ready to build a health community for all through collaboration with government, associations, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies and industry partners,” Dr. Kai Wang, Founder and CEO of OrigiMed said, “As always, the company will see the well-being of patients as its top priority, provide a one-stop solution for its clients by building a viable international exchange platform. Origimed will revolutionize precision medicine for cancer treatment in China, as its response to the Health China initiative.”


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