NetworkingTECHSPACE Launches New Global Automatic Backend Interlock Platform ‘CLOPI’

TECHSPACE Corpration, a backend solution provider, is providing a global service BasS (Backend as a service), ‘CLOPI’ that allows people to develop backend which cooperates with frontend (Vue.js, React.js, Flutter, Android, IOS) with ease.

TECHSPACE Corporation is a server development company founded in 2018 and is located in South Korea. Tech Space’s CLOPI allows non-IT experts to develop backend system only with simple clicks.

With CLOPI, people can create backend not using any complicated coding, reducing time on development process from layout to structuring. Size of the produced server is automatically controlled based on the traffic usage. Startup businesses can save room for server maintenance cost as usage cost depends on the server traffic usage.

CLOPI is attracting startup businesses and becoming famous by constructing server for mobile applications, IoT services and smart factories in Korea.

CLOPI can make use of functions needed for the service without restrictions as long as the PC is connected to the internet. The company is currently recruiting beta testers on their website. So please sign up for free trial on CLOPI website.


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