Press ReleaseSwiss-Based Enclustra Announces US Operations in San Diego to Realize the Full Potential of Embedded Chip Technologies

A fast-moving Swiss-based tech company, Enclustra Inc., announced today the official opening of its US Operations in San Diego. When it comes to realizing the next big thing in aerospace & defense, medical, vision systems, and wireless communications, Enclustra provides design services and embeds System-on-Chips modules on boards the size of a credit card (aka FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array) to help customers reduce time-to-market, mitigate risk, and create solutions that improve business and life. Enclustra’s US operations will focus on sales, engineering, design services, and localized manufacturing, enabling “made in the USA” FPGA products over the next year. Enclustra plans to recruit and hire more than 30 positions in sales, engineering, local sourcing, and manufacturing over the next 12-18 months.

“With embedded chip technologies, the potential that lies behind executing dreams is tremendous. If we fail to realize them, the responsibility lies solely on us,” said Philipp Baechtold, CEO of Enclustra Inc. “Our FPGA solutions can be life-saving, life-changing, and dream-making across any industry. That’s why we do what we do at Enclustra, as this powerful and agile technology helps you feel limitless. And we chose San Diego for our US operations due to its ever-growing technology landscape, engineering talent, and high quality of life.”

Examples of Enclustra’s FPGA solutions’ impact on industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense – simplifying complex navigation, tracking, and communication for aircraft carriers, satellites, lunar modules, and helicopters.
  • Medical – providing low latency and ultra-fast reaction times in critical surgeries such as Lasik eye surgery, where the machine accounts for the nano-second movement of the eye.
  • Wireless Communications – allowing for clear signal communication across the ever-increasing amount of diverse connected devices in a 5G world.
  • Vision Systems – evolving facial recognition capabilities across multiple devices.
  • Test and Measurement – enabling customized, high-speed data processing, precise signal control, and adaptable instrument functions, enhancing accuracy and flexibility in testing applications.

As a result, Enclustra’s FPGA solutions provide five main benefits to customers:

  1. Fastest Time-to-market [Off-the-shelf hardware]
  2. High Compute Density [Their solutions are small and mighty]
  3. Infinite Programmability [Update & upgrade at will]
  4. Modularity [Compose systems at will]
  5. Reliability [We have you covered]


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