Artificial IntelligenceSupermicro’s Rack Scale Liquid-Cooled Solutions with the Industry’s Latest Accelerators Target AI and HPC Convergence

“Supermicro continues to work with our AI and HPC customers to bring the latest technology, including total liquid cooling solutions, into their data centers,” said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. “Our complete liquid cooling solutions can handle up to 100 kW per rack, which reduces the TCO in data centers and allows for denser AI and HPC computing. Our building block architecture allows us to bring the latest GPUs and accelerators to market, and with our trusted suppliers, we continue to bring new rack-scale solutions to the market that ship to customers with a reduced time to delivery.”

Supermicro application-optimized high-performance servers are designed to accommodate the most performant CPUs and GPUs for simulation, data analytics, and machine learning. The Supermicro 4U 8-GPU liquid-cooled server is in a class by itself, delivering petaflops of AI computing power in a dense form factor with the NVIDIA H100/H200 HGX GPUs. Supermicro will soon ship liquid-cooled Supermicro X14 SuperBlade in 8U and 6U configurations, the rackmount X14 Hyper, and the Supermicro X14 BigTwin. Several HPC-optimized server platforms will support the Intel Xeon 6900 with P-cores in a compact, multi-node form factor.

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In addition, Supermicro continues its leadership shipping the broadest portfolio of liquid cooled MGX Products in the industry.. Supermicro also confirms its support for delivering the latest accelerators from Intel with its new Intel® Gaudi® 3 accelerator and AMD’s MI300X accelerators. With up to 120 nodes per rack with the Supermicro SuperBlade®, large-scale HPC applications can be executed in just a few racks. Supermicro will display a wide range of servers at the International Supercomputing Conference, including Supermicro X14 systems incorporating the Intel® Xeon® 6 processors.

Supermicro will also showcase and demonstrate a wide range of solutions designed specifically for HPC and AI environments at ISC 2024. The new 4U 8-GPU liquid-cooled servers with NVIDIA HGX H100 and H200 GPUs highlight the Supermicro lineup. These servers and others will support the NVIDIA B200 HGX GPUs when available. New systems with high-end GPUs accelerate AI training and HPC simulation by bringing more data closer to the GPU than previous generations by using high-speed HBM3 memory. With the incredible density of the 4U liquid-cooled servers, a single rack delivers (8 servers x 8 GPUs x 1979 Tflops FP16 (with sparsity) = 126+ petaflops.  The Supermicro SYS-421GE-TNHR2-LCC can use dual 4th or 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors, and the AS -4125GS-TNHR2-LCC is available with dual 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs.


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