Artificial IntelligenceSucceedSmart Named a 2024 TiE50 Award Winner in Recognition of its Disruptive AI-Driven Executive Recruitment Platform

SucceedSmart, the pioneer of AI-driven modern executive recruitment, was named a TiE50 Award winner at the annual TiEcon global conference.

TiE50 is TiE Silicon Valley’s premier annual awards program, contested by several early to mid-stage startups worldwide. Participating technology startups benefit from significant exposure to venture capitalists, angels, and entrepreneurs; in-person product showcasing, and business partnering and networking.

Since the inception of the TiE50 program, about 85% of the winners and top startups have been funded for a total of over $1 billion dollars. At least 29 of the exits were over $100 million, including FireEye (IPO), Mulesoft (IPO), and VeloCloud (acquired by VMware).

Sanjay Sathé, founder and CEO of SucceedSmart, was invited to attend TiEcon on May 2 to pitch and participate in a live Q&A with investors during a winner showcase.

Launching SucceedSmart was a culmination of Sathé’s 15 years as a candidate of executive search and 15 years as a buyer of executive search. It was clear at the time that this industry was living in the past, primarily operated offline, had clear inefficiencies, and was ripe for disruption.

SucceedSmart is disrupting the $8 billion U.S., $22 billion global executive search industry with the first AI-powered executive recruitment platform and patented accomplishment-based matching algorithm. Based on a super-aggregated cross-industry data set of millions of executive profiles, SucceedSmart uses a proprietary, patented accomplishment-based algorithm to match best-fit candidates with open positions.

Once the technology does the heavy lifting, expert talent advisors oversee the ‘last mile’, assessing each candidate based on qualifications, culture fit, and other criteria to present corporations with qualified, interested and available talent. A ‘single-blind’ approach—meaning no personal or demographic information is shared—promotes diversity and democratizes executive search.

“Our pioneering, AI-driven platform levels the playing field and offers equal opportunities to executive candidates while supporting faster, more cost-effective, and inclusive executive recruitment for corporations,” said Sathé. “I’m inspired to be recognized by the prestigious TiE50 Awards program alongside so many other innovative startups disrupting their respective industries.”

Reach out to learn why Fortune 100 companies and venture-backed startups trust SucceedSmart to fill director to C-level positions with unmatched agility, accuracy, and affordability.


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